Victoria Records Three New COVID-19 Cases

Victoria has recorded three new local cases of coronavirus as it waits to see if the local community can end the week-long blockade.

The second Arcare Maidstone Elderly Care Resident, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, is included in the new numbers, bringing the total number of infectious diseases in Melbourne to 63. ..

A record 57,519 Victorians were tested Wednesday 24 hours to midnight, and a record 23,921 received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The blockade in Melbourne will continue for another week, but is expected to be relaxed in the Victorian region on Thursday at 11:59 pm, subject to public health advice.

Under planned deregulation in rural Victoria, there is no limit to the distance people can travel and up to 10 people are allowed to gather outdoors.

Masks are a must, both indoors and outdoors, if you cannot keep a social distance.

Schools, retail stores and hospitality can also be reopened.

But last year’s so-called “steel rings” for implementing different restrictions in Melbourne and Victoria aren’t coming back. Instead, police patrols are used instead.

Local businesses also need to check the customer’s ID to ensure that the customer is not from Melbourne. Service Victoria QR code check-in, on the other hand, is a state-wide requirement in retail environments such as supermarkets.

Evidence that the Indian variant of COVID-19 is faster and more contagious to justify the Victorian government keeping Melbourne closed until 11:59 pm on June 10. Was quoted.

“If you put this on track, it will explode,” Merlino said.

“Otherwise people will die and you will have to drive it into the ground.”

Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer of Victoria, describes the subspecies as an “absolute beast,” and about 10% of current cases are viruses through “temporary exchange” with infected individuals. I was infected with.

There has been much debate about state government comments on the nature of this outbreak, and some healthcare professionals suspect that the virus strain is abnormally contagious.

Federal Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg, who will announce financial support for Victorian workers stuck on Thursday, said he wanted to know the state government’s justification for lockdown.

“I want to know the reason for the decision they made,” he told Melbourne Radio 3AW.

Frydenberg said it was “confusing” that schools in Melbourne remained closed during the blockade, with the exception of students in 2011 and 2012.

The Health Department’s website currently lists 370 exposure sites, and several suburban bus routes from May 25-28 were added Wednesday night.

Approximately 5,000 primary and secondary contacts of infected individuals are self-quarantined and more positive reactions are expected in the coming days.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, who is recovering from a vertebral and rib fracture, tweeted Wednesday to the Victorian people to “continue fighting,” and the efforts he is making to withstand the current blockage are dead. Said to save.

“Record tests, record vaccinations, record battles-we are doing this to protect regions, states, and the country as a whole.”

Andrews did another scan and said there would be a meeting with his medical team next week.

“I’ll let you know what that will be and the exact time I’ll be back in the deck later this month.”

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