Victoria State Government agreed with Pfizer

Victoria State Government Announced agreement with biopharmacy company Pfizer Increase “opportunities for global collaboration with Victorian researchers and industry” on March 18th.

Jaala Pulford, Minister of Innovation and Medical Research, Victoria, said: “

According to the Victorian Government, Pfizer’s Center for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) and RNA Accelerator experts will work with Victoria’s researchers and industry to work with the government-sponsored mRNA organization mRNA Victoria. Promote skills and connections.

“This initiative between mRNA Victoria and Pfizer will bring significant employment opportunities to our state as major biotechnology research and commercialization accelerates,” Pulford said on March 18. ..

Founded in 2010, Pfizer’s CTI is a co-drug discovery model focused on working globally with academic institutions to transform scientific research into therapeutic products.

No information is currently available on Pfizer’s RNA accelerators, but the Victoria State Government says the accelerators are based on the success of the CTI model for “extending corporate leadership in external innovation and RNA treatment.” Said.

The two programs mRNA VictoriaVictoria’s mRNA government agency establishes “World-class mRNA and RNA industry in Victoria” by identifying opportunities, gaps, engaging with researchers, investing in companies and partnerships. I promised to do it.

The organization is currently “Australia’s first local mRNA COVID-19 vaccine candidate”The mRNA COVID-19 vaccine manufactured in Victoria in just 5 months.

The vaccine is currently in Phase 1 clinical trials and preliminary results will be available in the first half of 2022.

The trial is scheduled to begin in late 2021 or January 2022 and will serve as a collaborative study between the Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Doherty Institute at major Victorian universities.

The Andrews government announced that the first initiative between the state and Pfizer will “announce influential Australian mRNA and RNA research, paving the way for greater collaboration with Pfizer’s CTI and RNA accelerators.” I said it would be.

Before the collaboration announcementPfizer’s CEO, Martin Foley, Minister of Health of Victoria, said earlier that Pfizer was “discussing from Pfizer’s point of view” and that the fourth dose was “necessary for most people.” I opposed the person.

The new announcement was made during Foley’s self-quarantine period.

As of March 18 9,036 new cases In Victoria, there are 63.4 percent of Victorian people who receive a third dose.

Marina Chan


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