Victoria State Government Announces Roadmap for Unblockade


Melbourne’s curfew has been abolished, and when 70% of Victorian people over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated with COVID-19, people can travel up to 25 km and drink beer outside the pub. You can drink.

However, the most important changes to state regulation will not be made until 80 percent of people are immunized, in line with discussions in the state cabinet and plans to reopen in New South Wales. The 80% mark is projected to occur around November 5th.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews unblocked Victoria’s “cautious” roadmap on Sunday, recording 507 new cases and another death, leaving 11 casualties from recent outbreaks. Clarified.

He also announced that Greater Girong, Surf Coast and Mitchell Shire will enter a seven-day blockade from 11:59 pm on Sunday and will be subject to the same restrictions as Melbourne and Ballarat.

According to the roadmap, 80% of Victorian people over the age of 16 can resume outdoor tennis and golf with a single vaccination, increasing the 10km travel limit to 15km.

When 70% of Victorians are double vaccinated (October 26 forecast), Melbourne’s curfew from 9 pm to 5 am will be lifted and travel restrictions will be increased to 25 km again. ..

According to state government regulations under the Emergency Public Health Order, pubs, restaurants and cafes are allowed to reopen outdoors, but are limited to 50 people who are fully vaccinated.

Hairdressing is legalized when up to 5 people are fully vaccinated in the salon.

Outdoor rallies are allowed up to 10 fully vaccinated or 5 unvaccinated, while outdoor pools, community facilities, religious rallies, and sports are capped at 50 vaccinated. You can go back.

Grade 12 will return to face-to-face learning on October 6th. From the preparation on October 18th to the second year, the other years will come back with a time difference.

Once 80% of the affected Victorian people have been vaccinated, retail, gym, hairdressing and beauty services will only be allowed to resume if fully vaccinated, density restrictions will be tightened, and hospitality will be indoors. You can go back to. Childcare will be back.

People can have a private gathering of up to 10 vaccinated people, but it is expected to grow to 30 by Christmas.

“There is no doubt that we are open. There is no turning back. We need to normalize this and we have to overcome this pandemic,” Andrews said.

“If you care about nurses, doctors, ambos, cooks, cleaners, and if everyone in our medical system is important to you, get vaccinated.”

Meanwhile, on Saturday, an estimated 500 to 700 demonstrators gathered in the suburbs of Richmond to blockade the government after a planned CBD protest was changed shortly before police crackdowns on public rallies. Protested the increased authority of vaccine obligations. Victorian police arrested a total of 235 people on the day, most of them for violating health orders and some for assaulting police and riots.

At the end of last week, about 120,000 doctors, nurses, emergency health workers, and related health workers requested the state government to prioritize the health system and its workforce over deregulation.

Through the union, healthcare professionals sought “accurate modeling” of expected ambulance demand, hospitalization, intensive care unit patients, and death.

Modeling the Burnett Institute commissioned by the Victoria State Government predicts that the state will peak between 1,400 and 2,900 COVID-19 cases per day between October 19 and 31, based on current numbers. I am.

This leads to an estimated peak of 1,200-2,500 Victorian people requiring hospitalization, with 260-550 requiring intensive care units.

Modeling predicts that when 80% of people are fully vaccinated, the restrictions will be significantly relaxed. This means that another peak is almost two-thirds likely to occur in mid-December and hospitalizations can exceed 2,500.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton described the roadmap as a “tightrope walk” between the protection of the medical system and the care of the well-being of Victorian people.

“There is no easy way,” he said.

As of Saturday, more than 200 Victorians were hospitalized with the virus, 56 were in the intensive care unit and 40 were ventilated.

By Benita Colobos. The Epoch Times contributed to this report.