Victoria State Government rejects proposal to build gas terminal in the looming shortage

The Victorian Labor Party government has rejected AGL’s plans to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal along Melbourne’s West Port due to “unacceptable” environmental impacts.

is this, ACCC Report It turns out that Australia, along with the eastern and southern states from 2024, needs new gas sources and associated infrastructure to combat potential gas shortages.

so statement On March 30, Victoria’s Planning Minister Richard Wayne said the decision to abandon the Crib Point facility proposal was based on 6,000 public submissions and a report by the Infrastructure as Code (IAC). Said.

“It is very clear to me that this project will have unacceptable impacts on the environment of the western harbor and the Ramsar wetlands. It is important to protect these areas,” Wayne said.

“It’s a thorough, open and transparent process, and it’s the right result for the community, the environment, and Victoria as a whole,” he said.

However, AGL claims that Crib Point facilities are needed to meet the potential gas shortages facing Victoria.

Taylor acknowledged that the proposal needed to meet community acceptance and operate responsibly, but added that gas shortages “would hurt all gas consumers.” Australian Financial Review reported..

“The (federal) Morrison government has long called on the Victorian government to lift the ban on gas development that refuses Australians to access and invest in local affordable gas. “He said.

AGL has so far spent $ 130 million on the project and proposed to build a gas import terminal at Cribpoint Pier in West Port. In addition, the proposal included a related pipeline built by the 57-kilometer APA Group from the terminal on the Mornington Peninsula to Pakenham.

The gas arrives at the mooring terminal as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and is gradually “regasified” using seawater in response to gas demand. The gas is then transferred to the connection point with the Victorian power grid via the pier’s marine loading arm and gas pipe.

Epoch Times Photo
Details of the gas import pier construction proposed at Crib Point. (Minister of Planning, Victoria, March 2021)

According to the plan Minister’s evaluationRefrigerated water discharged from floating storage and regasification equipment (FSRU) can harm marine life and damage tourists.

Meanwhile, Karri Giles, secretary of the Westernport and Peninsula Protection Council, said: Age The facility is “not suitable for the area”.

“There is a place for the right kind of industry. It needs to be of the right size with minimal damage to the environment,” Giles said.

AGL statement Considering the Victoria State Government’s decision, the company’s CEO said he was ready to do business with other companies to build a gas import terminal in southeastern Australia. These include Viva’s Energy proposals at Andrew Forrest’s Port Kembla Plant or Geelong Oil Refinery.

Brett Redman, CEO of AGL, said: “Nothing has changed in that we are big and great gas traders.”

According to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Andrew Forrest’s Port Kembla LNG Import Terminal will avoid Australia’s gas shortage in two years until 2026 as the project progresses.