Victoria State Government up to 10 years in prison for suppression of LGBITQ +

After passing the law, the Victorian government has suppressed LGBITQ + individuals into imprisonable crimes in the state. Modification or Suppression (Conversion) Practice Prohibition Act 2021 February 17th.

New law (pdf) Means that anyone who attempts to transform or suppress the sexual orientation or gender identity of Victorian LGBTIQ + members can be seriously injured and face up to 10 years in prison. .. The law applies if the proceedings are filed in Victoria, or if someone is affected, and if both the subject and the subject are Victorian.

In addition, in a statement released on February 17, the Labor government said Victorian people who advertised changes or oppression practices could face fines of up to about $ 10,000. rice field.

Taking a Victorian LGBTIQ + person to such a practice somewhere in Victoria or Australia can result in imprisonment of up to two years.

The bill is confined to Victoria only and passed the Legislature on February 4, 2021. Set to start February 17, 2022, a year later.

Martin Foley, Minister of Health and Equality, said, “The insidious practice that allowed LGBTIQ + people to ruin their lives in the name of” broken and “needs to be” fixed “is 2 He said it would stop on the 17th of March.

Victoria’s Attorney General, Jacqueline Sims, said: We are always backed by the LGBTIQ + community, but now so is the law. “

The bill follows the shelving that, if the Religious Discrimination Bill is passed, it allows religious and non-believers to express their beliefs in good faith.

According to the Victorian Government website Victorian 5.7% Identified as LGBTIQ +, statistics 2016 profile ID Approximately 47.9% of Victorian people are Christian, 10.6% are religious but non-Christian, and 31.9% have nominated non-religious.

However, in 2021 the government amended the Equal Opportunity Act, despite a significant proportion of Victorian people identifying them as people of faith (pdf), Restrict religious schools to allow adherence to religious principles only to the preferences of employees in roles inherent in that role.

Moreover, preferences are limited only to the religious beliefs and activities of the employee and cannot be distinguished based on the person’s sexual orientation, sexual activity, gender identity, and marital status. All of this is holistic for many in the Christian faith.

The Religious Discrimination Bill initially sought to dismiss these amendments. Allow religious schools and organizations to prioritize hiring staff that is in line with the spirit of the school. However, this bill does not apply to elderly housings and places that primarily provide long-term care and hospitality.

The religious bill passed the House of Representatives on February 10, after the Union agreed to amend the Sex Discrimination Act (SDA). This would prevent religious schools from excluding gay and lesbian students, but was subsequently withdrawn indefinitely after both workers and the government would remove the legislation from the Senate agenda on February 10. Was resolved.

Following the shelving of religious discrimination bills, the Victorian Labor Party government $ 200,000 package for local organizationsVictorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews funded a recent religious discrimination bill, supported the LGBTIQ + community, and said “the federal government should be ashamed.”

Christian Lobby of Australia announced on February 10 that it would withdraw support for the discrimination bill, following the revision of the sex discrimination bill. .. “

“Loss of this protection [for religious schools] It will outweigh the potential benefits of a religious discrimination bill. “

However, if new legislation comes into force in Victoria’s days after shelving, this could completely change the situation for Victorian religious schools.

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