Victoria State Government’s sixth MP announces resignation in two weeks


The sixth MP of the Labor Party administration in Victoria says he will resign in the next state election after the sudden resignation of five other MPs in the last two weeks.

Mark Gep, a member of the House of Councilors representing Northern Victoria, posted on Twitter on December 2nd.

“This job was undoubtedly a great privilege and one of the highlights of my 35-year career in the labor movement,” Gepp said. In the statement..

“I never dreamed of serving as a member of parliament in the Labor government, and I am deeply grateful for the strong union movement and the Labor Party’s honor,” he added.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said burp is a “fighter” and requires people to “safer workplaces, fairer conditions, and better access to wages.”

“I would like to thank him for his dedication to our party, Congress, the government, and those who work throughout Victoria,” he said. In the statement December 2.

“I hope he and his family will do their best over the years to come.”

Gepps’ decision not to seek reelection comes after the resignation of Geelong member John Ellen. Richard Wynn, Minister of Planning and Housing. Jill Hennessy, former Prosecutor General, and a member of Altona. Danielle Green, a member of Yan Yen, and Dustin Halse, a member of Ringwood.

Some lawmakers have served for decades, while others like Hals were relatively new to the political scene.

The next election in Victoria is scheduled for November 26, 2022.

In a mid-November survey with Prime Minister Andrews His treatment of a pandemicEspecially from young demographics.

“Prime Minister Andrews has approved 60.5 percent of Victorian electors to handle his work, while Michelle Levin, CEO of Roy Morgan, said in a statement. 39.5 percent are disapproved. “

“The reason expressed by those who approve the work he is doing is that he trusts his overall treatment of the pandemic to maintain their support. They have to do. When he says he made an unpopular decision, and he didn’t pressure him to avoid the blockade just for the sake of an easy way. “

The Labor government holds a stable 55 seats in the 88-seat legislative assembly.

However, the government has had to overcome some turmoil in the cabinet over the past year.

In September 2020, Jenny Mikakos resigned from the Minister of Health shortly after the Prime Minister made comments inconsistent with her views on the handling of the state’s hotel quarantine system.

Meanwhile, an ongoing investigation into “branch stacking” at ALP in Victoria resigns from the cabinet while parliamentarians such as Adem Somiurek, Marine Kyles, Robin Scott, and more recently Luke Doneran remain in parliament. There is a member of parliament.

Daniel Y. Ten