Victorian business deserves an exit strategy from lockdown causing “unnecessary damage”: industry

Victorian business needs and deserves an immediate exit strategy from the current Victorian blockade causing “unnecessary economic, mental health and health hazards,” said Australian peak industry groups. T.

Ines Willox, CEO of the Australian Industrial Group (AiG), said in a statement on June 5, “a long-term blockade of the entire city of 5 million people for several related cases every day. Keeping it in a state doesn’t seem to be justified.

“This blockage is characterized by exaggerated words and unrealized end-of-life prophecies by Victorian health leaders,” Willox said: it has a low number of cases and deaths. It is zero and is evidenced by the fact that the hospital is not overwhelmed.

He said businesses understand the importance of following health advice. But they couldn’t see it, reducing confidence in government decision-making.

“The harsh reality is that COVID has been with us for a long time, regardless of vaccination rates.” “We need to adapt to it, and health at risk of rapidly losing the goodwill and trust of our community and business. And must not be moved by the catastrophic situation of the relevant authorities. “

Ai Group estimates that the state will cost $ 360 million (US $ 279 million) daily if restrictions continue due to the strict blockade.

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On June 5, 2021, in Melbourne, Australia, horse-riding police can be seen patrolling near the Royal Exhibition Building awaiting planned protests. (Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images)

On June 5th, small business owners went out on the streets of Melbourne to protest the lockdown and said the lockdown was destroying their business and mental health. After the rally, several were arrested and fined.

Residents who oppose lockdown have left many negative online reviews of small businesses because of government regulations, such as keeping customers out of masks.

Small business minister Jaala Pulford added that a small number of “pushing peripheral views” felt horrified to do this and would be punished if they did not follow public health instructions.

“Our small business is doing a great job of keeping the rest of the country safe,” she said. Age..

Meanwhile, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has promised to provide Victoria with an additional 100,000 Pfizer vaccines starting June 14, as more than 50% of people over the age of 70 have been vaccinated.

“It’s a perception of the very strong work and strong demand being done here in Victoria.” Hunt said“We want other states and territories to have the same degree of public support and trust. We are doing well nationwide, but we are always doing more. I’m looking for it. “

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