Victorian COVID-19 blockade leaves children behind school

Education professionals seek calm after it becomes clear that many children in Victoria are lagging behind their classmates. Some 7-year-olds start their grades without knowing the alphabet.

To help, the Victoria State Government Employed Over 5,000 tutors at school to help children catch up after a chaotic grade.

Nicole Douglas, a teacher at Melton West Elementary School who works as a tutor in Victoria, Said Herald Sun’s students lag behind because some parents couldn’t support online learning.

“Many of our first grade students were quite late (when they started school),” Douglas said. She had a “significant number” of students who couldn’t count up to 20, and the other students didn’t know the letters.

“They weren’t at the reading level and couldn’t recognize the words,” she said.

However, Victorian education experts are telling parents not to panic if their child is late.

Former principal and education expert Adam Voigt said parents need to “take chill pills” because all children learn at their own pace.

“We just need to trust our teachers, stop panicking, stop putting pressure on our children, and actually help them love to learn again. 3AW radio..

Epoch Times Photo
On April 3, 2020, you can see a teacher demonstrating a virtual classroom at Glenunga High School in Adelaide. (AAP Image / David Mariuz)

More parents are also looking to tutors to help their children learn. The Melbourne Tutoring Center told Nine News that they have experienced record high registrations across all year levels.

“The young people I’ve seen can’t even count around 10”, tutor Andrew Rusky Said But the children were confident that they could catch up quickly.

Voigt said he received more feedback from teachers about the social gap in which students are returning to school rather than the educational gap.

“It was difficult for some of our children to go back to the classroom and be in an environment with lots of social interaction.” he Said.

The $ 250 million package was announced last October to hire tutors who can provide targeted education to students.

“Some students have succeeded in distance learning, others have a hard time,” said James Merlino, Minister of Education in Victoria. Said.. “This is to ensure that students are not left behind.”

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On April 5, 2020, three children in Tarpoli Creek, Australia, are working at school in a family home and cow property. (Lisa Marie Williams / Getty Images)

Parents and children around the world are also experiencing the same problems with children who lag behind online learning compared to learning in the classroom.

According to a reader survey by The Epoch Times, more than two-thirds of US respondents say their children are late due to virtual school education.

“People need to open their eyes and realize that our children are at a much higher risk of social isolation and depression than COVID,” said reader Shelly Gorczyca. “What these closures have done to our children is horrifying, and any politician who supports them should be dismissed.”

According to a UK report, 2.5 million children were not formalized during the blockade and one-fifth of the students were out of school.