Victorian Member of Parliament Expelled for Attending Women’s Rights Rally Against Transgender in Sport


A Victorian member of parliament faces expulsion from the parliamentary Liberal Party after attending a women’s rights rally in Melbourne.

On March 18, Ms Moira Deeming, Member of Parliament representing the Western metropolitan area, attends “Let Women Speak” outside the Victorian Houses of Parliament, hosted by British women’s rights activist Kelly Jay Keane Minschl (Parker Posey). I gave a speech at a meeting.

The rally was met with heavy interference from LGBTQ+ activists and at one point was interrupted by a group of Nazi sympathizers, causing it to end ahead of schedule.

The sudden appearance of an unidentified group of men performing repeated Nazi salutes sparked violent clashes between police and LGBTQ+ activists.

Victorian Liberal Party leader moves to oust Deeming

After the incident, Victorian Liberal Party leader John Pesut quickly condemned the actions of Nazi supporters and distanced himself from Dieming.

“These values ​​displayed on the steps of Congress are not aligned with the values ​​that I and the Liberals stand for.” Pesto said Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“We don’t support neo-Nazis. We don’t support white supremacists.

“We do not condone or accept any association with neo-Nazis, white supremacists, or those who sympathize with them.”

Epoch Times photo
A group of Nazi supporters disrupt a Let Women Speak rally in Melbourne, Australia, March 18, 2023. (AAP Image/James Ross)

Regarding Deeming’s fate, Pesutto said he met MPs on March 19 to discuss her role in organizing, facilitating and participating in the rally.

The Liberal Party leader then said Deeming’s position was untenable and said at the next meeting he would put forward a motion to expel her from the Liberal Party in the Victorian Parliament.

However, Pesut added that it was not his responsibility to decide whether to revoke Deeming’s membership in the Liberal Party.

what happened at rally

of videoKelly Jay Keene, Deeming, and many rally-goers stand in front of the Victorian Capitol to see how federal and state governments are urging biological men to participate in women’s sports and use the women’s toilets. He expressed concern that women’s rights were being compromised by allowing its use.

They also talked about media censorship, the left-wing agenda that has driven children to undergo gender reassignment surgery, and other related issues.

The rally faced violent protests from hundreds of LGBTQ+ activists and socialist supporters, but was stopped by police on the other side of the street.

Police created a buffer zone to prevent protesters from approaching the rally. However, some protesters still broke through the line and disrupted the rally multiple times.

As the meeting progressed, mask wearing man A man dressed in black suddenly entered the buffer zone and approached the rally at the direction of the police.

They then shouted at the protesters and performed a Nazi salute, startling the rally participants and organizers.

After the incident occurred, Deeming took to social media to express his disappointment with the Victoria Police Department for letting the masked men into the rally’s buffer zone.

“The police managed to stop the horde[of trans rights activists]but somehow the masked men could only pass in front of us.”

Also, in another video on Twitter, MPs said they didn’t know the identities of the black men’s group and thought they were trying to attack the rally.

“When we were informed of the fact that men in masks were coming towards us … I thought transgender activists had broken through the[police]line. I was trying to she said.

“The police somehow got them to take pictures on the stairs next to us, and instead of pushing them back just like they came in, they took them out of the middle of the buffer zone.

“And they were in the middle in front of all the cameras and doing a Nazi salute. It’s terrifying.”

Meanwhile, Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS) statement The police declared that they were focusing on trans activists at the rally.

“MALS did not consider or uphold a number of mandates for Victorian police to prevent discriminatory or prejudice-motivated behavior against transgender and gender-diverse people in their crackdown on Saturday afternoon rallies. It claims that

“In fact, MALS observed that the crackdown itself constituted biased and discriminatory behavior on the part of the Victorian Police.”

However, representatives of Victoria’s police defended the actions of law enforcement officers, saying they had no power to stop Nazi supporters.

“It’s offensive within the community and very offensive. But this is not something the police can actively intervene in and it’s difficult for us,” said the Victoria Police Association secretary. . Wayne Gut Said.