Victorian outbreaks are currently locked down in 35 cases

Victoria recorded five new COVID-19 cases locally as residents entered the second day of the state’s fourth lockdown.

Five new COVID-19 cases were recorded from more than 56,000 tests recorded by the Victorian Department of Health on Friday. This is a state inspection record.

With 45 confirmed infections in the state, Victorians leave home except when shopping for groceries and essentials, providing or receiving care, exercising, working, studying, or vaccination. It is said that it should not be done.

Residents of Victoria must comply with the 5km travel limit for exercise and shopping and wear masks both indoors and outdoors.

These rules will apply in Victoria at least until next Friday.

Most infections are associated with the Whittlesea City Cluster in Melbourne, with positive cases reported for the first confirmed strain of B1617 in India.

“We must be absolutely aware that there are thousands of close contacts who can develop after an incubation period,” Brett Sutton, chief health officer, said Friday.

To date, more than 15,000 primary and secondary contacts have been told to self-quarantine after contacting a COVID case.

The state government also requested 160 defense personnel to check the thousands of people who were told to quarantine at home.

By Saturday, the list of places exposed to COVID-19 had grown to more than 150, including the influenza vaccination center on the outskirts of Preston.

Authorities are also urgently trying to track people attending five exposure sites: Sporting Gloves in Maldial Rock, Three Monkeys and Somewhere Bar in Prahran, Local in Port Melbourne, and Palace Hotel in South Melbourne.

Approximately 21,626 Victorians were vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine on Friday.

The state’s coronavirus hotline was flooded with more than 77,000 calls in 15 minutes when it was announced Thursday that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine qualification would be extended to people aged 40-49.

Lockdown is estimated to cost the state economy about $ 2.5 billion.