Victorian Police Minister undergoes surgery

Victorian police minister Lisa Neville will undergo surgery as her condition worsens as a result of complications associated with Crohn’s disease.

A senior member of parliament was hospitalized for two and a half weeks in February and wanted to avoid getting under the knife.

However, according to a series of tests, including MRI, she is still ill due to an intensive regime of biological drugs and a three-week recovery period.

“As a result, my doctor has pointed out that surgery is currently the only effective treatment,” Neville said on Saturday. “On Tuesday I will be readmitted to the hospital to have a small bowel resection.”

“Important operations” require up to 12 weeks of recovery. That is, she will not return police and emergency services and water to her portfolio until the end of June.

Her scheduled absence follows the absence of Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, who was not expected to return to his desk until the end of this month after a spinal cord injury at a villa on the Mornington Peninsula on March 9.

“It’s a shame to get rid of part of the intestines, and I’m always worried, but for many people with Crohn’s disease, this results in a period of remission and returning after people return to normal life and work. Enables, “said Neville.

“I am confident in my medical team and hospital nursing support as this surgery gives me the opportunity to achieve this.”

Nothing has yet been said about who will cover her obligations during her absence.


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