Victorian workers are robbed of over $ 1 billion in supermarkets

According to analysis, Victorian employers underpay workers an estimated $ 1.2 billion (US $ 861 million) in retirement pensions each year.

According to Industry Super Australia (ISA), more than 760,000 employees in the state receive an average of $ 1,606 (US $ 1,153) in retirement savings for the 2018/2019 fiscal year.

But Bernie Dean, CEO of ISA, said few workers were aware of the problem.

“This is an annual income of $ 1.2 billion, which affects almost one-third of Victoria’s workers, but many of them are paid supermarkets because they are listed on their pay slips. I’m not aware of it, “he said.

According to the ISA, the Australian Taxation Authority (ATO) is responsible for helping workers regain unpaid supermarkets, but only recovers about 12 percent of what they have to pay each year.

Dean is calling for a new law that will force employers to pay super contributions and wages at the same time, rather than the current situation where it is legal to pay supers to workers only four times a year.

“Super is your money, you have to pay it at the same time you get your wages. By not requiring supers to pay with wages, politicians are Victorian workers. Has stopped getting what they owe, “Dean said.

He also wanted the ATO to take steps against employers who underpaid supermarkets, as well as extend the fair qualification guarantee to provide workers with a way to get their money back in the event of a business bankruptcy. ..

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Voters in Holt and Korangamite near Geelong in southeastern Melbourne had the highest percentage of low-wage workers, as one in three employees in these two regions did not receive a full super qualification.

Meanwhile, Indy voters in northeastern Victoria had the highest average unpaid supermarkets, with more than 17,000 workers missing $ 1,749 ($ 1,256), according to the ISA.

In the Kuyon constituency of Federal Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg, more than a quarter of employees pay an average of $ 1,535 ($ 1,102) less.

Workers who do not receive full super money can lose up to $ 60,000 at retirement, according to the ISA.

Old-age pension minister Jane Hume’s office has recently conducted 19,000 reviews of superpayments by ATO and employers have borrowed $ 880 million ($ 632 million) from unpaid supermarkets. He said he found that.

“The Morrison government takes aging guarantees very seriously,” a spokesman told AAP.

He said the federal government has given stronger power to the ATO by taking steps against underpayments, such as imprisoning repeat offenders for up to 12 months.

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