“Victory Day” in court for a boy raped by a Wichita Falls man


A Wichita County jury sentenced a convicted sex offender to molesting a 10-year-old boy left with him for homeschooling on Monday.

Nelson head

Nelson head

A jury of eight men and four women takes less than 25 minutes to decide that Nelson Christopher Head, 52, will be sentenced to life imprisonment twice and fined $ 2 for child sexual assault. It took.

District 78 Judge Meredith Kennedy piled up Head’s decisions.

Dobby Kosbu, the chief prosecutor of Wichita County, said he was proud of the now 14-year-old boy who stood up to testify to his head.

“Today it was a victorious day for the young man,” Kosub said on Monday.

A teenager testified about “things” last week. On December 1, 2016, it was a trial in an apartment shared with my mother and my boyfriend, Head.

A teenager who was diagnosed with the autism spectrum at that time didn’t want to talk about the sexual assault he had suffered, but told the jury that he knew what he had to do.

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The jury heard uneasy details about Head and the boy’s mother.

During the trial, there was evidence that her mother had given up on him less than a month after Head was arrested for sexually abusing his son, and she turned around and married Head, Kosab said. Told.

“It didn’t go very well with the jury,” Kosub said.

“They are still married. She also swore at the stand that she would never believe the jury, no matter what they decided,” he said.

The boy moved from foster parent to foster parent for the next four years, but he does not live in Wichita Falls and feels happy with his potential adoptive family.

Kosub said the jury would not tolerate the improper treatment of children or put up with “stupid games and defendants who deceive, forge or deceive the jury.”

The jury “absolutely refused it and informed him,” Kosab said.

Head told several stories that did not match what he said about when his wife testified about her daily life at home and who came into contact with her child, Kosub said.

Nelson Christopher Head, accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy, is seen on November 30 when he is about to leave the 78th District Court.

Nelson Christopher Head, accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy, is seen on November 30 when he is about to leave the 78th District Court.

Everything fell apart for Head and his wife, but the boy has been consistent since his first account, Kosub said.

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Mr. Kosab said he had been a prosecutor a few years ago, but never met someone like 14 years old.

Prior to Friday’s conviction, the teenager told Kosub that he was happy because he knew the truth and knew what had happened.

The boy told Kosbu, “You won’t be bothered by what they’re talking about.”

According to Kosab, the Wichita County District Attorney’s Office has experienced five of these “horrible situations” (child sexual assault trials) since August.

“We had the largest sentence in four of those five,” Kosub said.

Nelson Head seen in the 2017 prison photo.

Nelson Head seen in the 2017 prison photo.

“I hate having to try these cases, which means they are in our county and community, but what our office has done since returning from COVID. I am very proud of this, “says Kosub.

Head was held on Monday at Wichita County Prison.

A jury convicted on Friday that the child’s sexual assault had worsened twice after less than 15 minutes of deliberation.

His bail was revoked and he was detained on Friday, a court filing show.

Head’s appearance has changed dramatically since his arrest in October 2017, starting on November 29th in the jury selection and being tried in a trial that lasted about six days. His hair turned white and had a long, white beard.

TRN sought comment from defendant lawyer Rick Marler, who was appointed to court on Monday afternoon.

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