Video captures the dramatic moment when an SUV crashes into a Houston cafe

A podcaster captured the startling moment when an SUV crashed into a Houston cafe, sending shattered glass towards him and the guests he was with. video interview.

No one was injured in Saturday’s crash, according to Houston police.

Seconds before the Chevrolet Tahoe bursts into the Tout Suite café, podcaster Nathan Reeves said:

The video shows Reeves wiggling and smashing a window against him and his guests after the impact hits with a bang.

“At first it was a shock and a lot of adrenaline, but then after making sure everyone was okay,” Reeves, 20, told the Associated Press. “I was just blown away that I got it all on film.”

Reeves was filming an interview with 22-year-old Houston photographer Alexsey Reyes. This was Reeves’ fifth episode of his YouTube channel November Romeo.

More than a dozen people are inside after a woman driving a Tahoe with two passengers crashed into her Ford Escape after she ran a red light, according to Houston Police spokesman John Cannon. It was said that business collided.

A podcast episode demonstrating the crash was uploaded to Reeves’ YouTube channel and has amassed tens of thousands of views.

A few days later, Reyes, still processing the crash, discovered shards of glass in his hair and arm later in the day.

“The more days go by (more and more), the more I realize how tragic it can end,” he said.