Video film of a passenger rebellion when two black men were unfairly taken away from an airplane


EasyJet Flight
  • EasyJet refused to put on shoes for takeoff and tried to get two black men off the plane.

  • The video shows passengers opposed to the treatment of two men.

  • The man was eventually allowed to stay in flight and the cabin crew was changed instead.

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Passengers on easyJet flights reportedly rebelled to prevent airlines from unfairly removing two black men from the flight.

The airline reportedly tried to take two men away for “huffing crew members” when they were asked to put on their shoes for takeoff.

The incident occurred on a flight from London Gatwick Airport to Malaga, Spain, and passenger Luke Gale posted the video on Twitter.

The debate took place during a taxi flying on the runway, turning the plane.

A clerk called the police and reported two “disobedient passengers,” and four armed police officers boarded the plane, took the passports of the two men, and unloaded their luggage.

In the video, passengers can be heard saying “No, don’t get off” and “Sit down” against the treatment of men.

After complaints from other passengers, the two men were allowed to continue flying and the cabin crew was changed instead.

EasyJet said the crew had changed because the shift was over, not against the passengers. Daily mail.

“They gave up and allowed boarding after all the backlash and opposition from the entire flight, except for one member of the cabin crew,” Gail wrote on Twitter. “The cabin crew was replaced.” ..

He added that he believed in men’s “skin color” [played] It is part of easyJet’s overreaction. “

In a statement Daily mail“EasyJet does not discriminate against individuals. Safety is our number one priority and there is no indication that discrimination has played a role in onboard issues,” said an airline spokesman. Said.

“Our crew’s main responsibility is the safety of everyone on board.”

“Our crew needs to ensure that all passengers comply with safety requirements and, as part of their role, ensure that they all comply with them prior to takeoff. there is”.

“This is especially important for passengers sitting in the emergency exit row, and crew members make sure that nothing is loose during takeoff.”

The airline said it would consider the case internally after receiving complaints from in-flight customers.

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