Video is unrealistic as a gas leak causes a fire in the Gulf of Mexico

On Friday, after a leak in the underwater pipeline, a fire broke out in the waters south of the Gulf of Mexico, and word-of-mouth spread videos of flames erupting from the sea, burning the Internet in horror.

🚨 Sobreel incendioregistrado en aguas del Golfode México, en la Sonda de Campeche, uno s Metros de la plataforma Ku-Charly (dentro del ActivoIntegralde Producción Ku Maloob Zaap) Tres barcos han apoyado para sofocar las llamas

Mexican state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexiconos (also known as Pemex) said a gas leak was found in a 12-inch submarine pipeline near the platform of the Ku-Maloob-Zaap field. By about 10:45 am, the fire brigade was able to sniff out a large amount of swirling, fiery water, the company said. No injuries have been reported.

Angel Calizares, Executive Director of the Mexican oil safety regulator ASEA, said: Tweeted the leak “No spill occurred,” but did not say exactly what ignited.

The cause of the incident is still under investigation, but as always, Twitter users had their own ideas about exactly what was happening.

Cool, they opened a portal to hell.

It seems that hell has opened in the Gulf of Mexico.

Certainly Godzilla

The image of the fire looked so unrealistic that I wondered if it was a fake or wanted it.

Is this CGI or not CGI? Make this unreal

Others had no choice but to make fun of the cruel irony of using water to fight fire underwater.

We lit, so we know we are doing our best for the planet when we have to spray water on the ocean !!!!

Never forget in your life when humans lit the sea and sprayed it with water to extinguish it.

@ c1tr1c @EoinHiggins_ Given the fire swallowed by the water, what exactly is the boat spraying the water you want to achieve?

Maybe someone is trying to tell us something, whether it’s a portal to hell.

This may sound controversial, but extracting fossil fuels from the ocean floor (or actually anywhere) may be a bad idea.

Wind turbines & solar panels have never ignited the Gulf of Mexico. I’m just saying …

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