Video of Tesla malfunctioning in freezing temperatures goes viral


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Multiple stories have gone viral about Tesla cars experiencing serious breakdowns in freezing temperatures while on vacation.

In a video uploaded to Twitter on December 23, Canadian meteorologist Rachel Modestino opened the driver’s door of her car after a latch that had to be popped out of the door to use it had frozen shut. This indicates that the

Her videos have garnered over 4.2 million views and 40,800 likes.

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“@elonmusk, I bet Tesla didn’t think ice was in the design,” Modestino tweeted.

Modestino’s video proved polarizing, with some Twitter users agreeing with her assessment of the vehicle, while others responded defensively and insulted her intelligence.

“We have something called a garage,” one user said. I have written.

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“Such weather wise people start care remotely and thaw for 20-30 minutes before entering or get a pitcher of hot water from home and wet the front door before entering,” he wrote. I’m here. another.

“Isn’t the problem just the handling? The fact that the windows didn’t slide down when it frosted meant that the doors couldn’t be closed,” said one user. share“Rachel, I think you’re right. It’s a design error. They fix it with workarounds, but it starts with an error. I love cars too, but I agree with you.” To do.”

Modestino was finally able to get into his car using the companion app.

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A TikTok video uploaded on Dec. 25 shows another Tesla owner frustrated after his car refused to charge in freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve.

TikTok user Domenick Nati wrote in the video description that “Tesla S doesn’t charge in the cold.” “Stuck on Christmas Eve!”

In the video, Nati shows his dashboard. This dashboard shows the outside temperature at 19 degrees Fahrenheit and he has 19 miles left before the battery dies.

Nati explains that she tried multiple different methods to charge the battery to no avail.

When he connects his car to the charging station, the vehicle’s screen displays “Battery is heating – please keep charging cable inserted”. Two hours later, the message remains and his car still has 19 miles left.

Since then, Nati’s videos have garnered over 1 million views and 59,000 likes.

Commentators expressed skepticism about electric vehicles in general and criticized the vehicle’s malfunction.

“I know what’s wrong [sic] 1 user commented. “No gas.”

“Thank you for persuading me never to buy a Tesla,” wrote another.

“I have some EV ideas alive, but the technology isn’t advanced enough to force people to.

and update videoNati says Tesla was able to tow his car and provide a Tesla Model 3 while he was serviced.

“I received a few calls from @Tesla Motors today,” he wrote in the video description. I am pulling with.”

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