Video shows San Antonio police shooting teen eating McDonald’s burger in car


A San Antonio police officer was fired Wednesday after he shot a 17-year-old driver who was eating food. McDonald’s Sandwiches in his car.

James Brennand was an examiner who had been with the department for just seven months. my SA, he initially reported that he shot the teen’s car after the teen’s car hit him. However, body camera footage of the incident did not corroborate his story.

The video showed an unrelated phone call when Brennand found a maroon car in a McDonald’s parking lot and concluded it had recently run away from him.

Calling for help, Brennand approached the car and opened the driver’s side door.Eric Cantu and an unnamed 17-year-old female passenger were inside the vehicle, police reports say. KSAT-TV.

“Get out of the car!” Brennand told Cantu, who was munching on McDonald’s hamburgers.

“Why?” Kantu asked as his car began to back up. Brennand responded by firing his gun multiple times.

Watch the video below.

It’s unclear from the footage whether the boy backed up because he took his foot off the brake or caused the car to go backwards. The San Antonio Current pointed out.

Kantu suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the shooting, KSAT-TV reportedHe was taken to a nearby hospital and is reportedly recovering. According to KENS-TV.

The unnamed passenger was reportedly uninjured.

Cantu was also charged with evading detention and assaulting a police officer. pointed out by mySA.

The shooting investigation could take up to a year to complete as the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office reviews evidence of the shooting and charges Kantu.

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.