Video shows woman in bikini exits fire truck and enters strip club in San Jose


They need to put out the public relations fire.

A woman in a tiny bikini stepped out of a fire truck and stepped into a strip club in San Jose.

Social media posts show the woman stepping outside after a fire engine pulled into the street with its siren on.

The San Jose Fire Department has launched an internal investigation. There were no firefighters in the video.

Mayor Sam Ricardo said, “If investigations conclude that this video is as bad as it looks, minds must be spinning.” told local news outlets In a scorched earth statement. “You can’t relegate life-threatening emergency rescue equipment to a party bus.”

As of Saturday, no one has been publicly stripped of their position in the department.

The incident occurred at the Pink Poodle Strip Club in San Jose.

“What are you talking about? I mean droopy mouth,” says neighbor Vince Grimaldi told local Fox affiliate KTVU“And she wasn’t wearing any clothes. What is she doing in the fire engine? Who is running the fire engine, who is responsible, and why is this being done?” Did you allow it?”