Vietnam approves China’s Sinopharm vaccine for use against COVID-19.

The nurse was created at the Vaccine Center during a government-sponsored visit in Beijing by the Beijing Institute for Biological Products (COVID-), a division of the China National Biotech Group (CNBG), a subsidiary of China Pharmaceuticals. 19) I have a box of vaccines, China, April 15, 2021. (Thomas Peter / File Photo / Reuters)

Hanoi-Vietnam approved China’s Sinopharm vaccine for use against COVID-19 on Friday, state media reported Friday. It has become the third brand approved in Southeast Asian countries working on new outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The decision to approve the Sinopharm vaccine was made by the Ministry of Health, the official Vietnam News Agency reported. Vietnam has previously approved the AstraZeneca vaccine and Russia’s Sputnik V.

The ministry did not immediately respond to email requests for comment.

Vietnam is trying to accelerate vaccine procurement to cope with the more stubborn wave of infections, despite the relatively low overall number of infections and deaths.

Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Rong said on Wednesday that Vietnam is approaching its goal of obtaining 150 million doses of vaccine this year to inoculate 75% of the 98 million population.

The country has delivered about 2.9 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to date, most of which are AstraZeneca, with about 1 million doses.

In Vietnam, only 49 deaths and 8,115 cases have been recorded, despite nearly 60% of infections occurring in the past month.

On Friday, the World Health Organization confirmed that the mutation in the coronavirus, which Vietnamese officials believed was a combination of Indian and British variants, did not appear to be a new variant or hybrid.

“Based on previous evidence, this is neither a new mutant nor a hybrid mutant, but an additional mutation found in the delta mutant,” said Kidon Park, WHO representative from Vietnam, first identified in India. Mentioned and mentioned the delta mutants that were used.

“At this stage, it’s too early to conclude the characteristics of this additional mutation that occurred in the delta mutant,” Park added in an email statement.

Kang Vu