Vietnamese man accused of spreading COVID-19 imprisoned for 5 years

A person wearing a mask in Hanoi.

A person wearing a mask in Hanoi. Rinfam / Getty Images

A Vietnamese man was sentenced to five years in prison for “a dangerous infectious disease epidemic” on Monday after violating the 21-day COVID-19 quarantine rules, the Vietnam News Agency reports.

According to the Vietnam News Agency, a 28-year-old man left Ho Chi Minh City for the southern province of Ca Mau. “It infected eight people, one of whom died of the virus after a month of treatment,” he said. He is the third person to be accused of the COVID-19 epidemic in Vietnam. The other two were sentenced to 18 months and 2 years in prison. Reuters Report.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, Vietnam took proactive steps to combat COVID-19. There were mass inspections, extensive contact tracing, strict quarantine regulations, and border restrictions. The number of cases has increased significantly since April, with most of Vietnam’s 536,000 infections and 13,385 deaths reported in the past few months.

Ho Chi Minh City is a hotspot with more than 260,000 cases recorded, but Ca Mau has reported only 191 cases and two deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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