Vincent van Gogh had three charming sisters you didn’t know about

Vincent Van Gogh Probably the best known of three things. His art. Fighting mental health problems. And close relationships with loyal brothers were maintained, mainly through letters. For Vincent, these three facts took the form of an awe-inspiring canvas, a tragic suicide, and a brother of an art dealer named Theo. But in the end, Vincent had three more brothers, who shared a similar subject stream in their lives.

Van Gogh sisters This month’s new issue Thames & Hudson..Written by Dutch art historian Willem-Janverlinden, it tells the long-overlooked story of Anna, lies and Willemien. Van Gogh With a biography of three fascinating people. Willemien spent many years in a mental hospital, although the sisters had their own creative attributes. And through all of that, they kept in touch through a personal, brilliant exchange of letters.

Those surviving letters are most of the reason Berlinden was able to write his book. And while important moments can get a lot of attention (such as the fact that selling Vincent’s work ultimately made it possible to take care of Willemien), the nuances may be even more interesting. Maybe.

“This is how Van Gogh’s sisters are remembered in collective memory,” writes Berlinden. “The reverent and obedient Anna seemed to have formed a bond when Vincent was a child, but eventually sent him abroad and never returned. Presenting herself as the” sister “of the famous painter. However, a quirky poet and writer with great secrets, a lie that was never truly associated with her brother or his art. And Vincent’s favorite sister, Will, devoted many paintings to him. Like him, he was a “different” sister. ”

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. And now, thanks to this book, many may be encouraged not only to learn more about Anna, lies, and Willemien’s life, but also to continue working in Barlinden.

Originally appeared Architectural digest