Violence tests Biden’s pullback from Middle Eastern hotspots

The scene of the surge in violence and civilian suffering tests President Joe Biden’s determination to keep US foreign policy focus and troops out of hotspots in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and ammunition to domestic Biden political rivals. I’m giving.

Biden and his supporters have retreated U.S. involvement by shifting the focus of U.S. military and diplomacy from deadlocked conflicts in the region, often resulting in a postponed end to failed policies that only prolong the conflict. Says they are already urging the country to resolve the dispute on their own. But recently, fighting has intensified in some of Biden’s pivot-affected areas.

The war between Israel and Gaza exploded, creating scenes of shattered bodies and flat houses, just as Biden tried to retreat, cracking Biden’s own party as to whether he should do more. Has expanded.Israel and hamas Ceasefire announced on Thursday Airstrikes and rocket attacks that killed at least 230 Palestinians and 12 in Israel.

Fear of Taliban takeover and new civil war is rising Prior to Biden’s military withdrawal in Afghanistan.. And outside the desert city surrounded by Yemen, Iran-backed Houthi rebels are pressing for an attack as Biden has terminated US military support for a six-year Saudi-led war.

“This is the result of US President Joe Biden’s policy,” said a Yemeni journalist. Walid al Rajhi Tweeted this month after being bombarded by the Houthi rebels of the Iranian alliance in the walled city of Tides.He is a fighter Malibu, the base of the besieged Yemeni government, Also making a visiting news crew: Biden’s military withdrawal and overture to rebels only bolded the Iranian alliance’s Houthi to press for a decisive battlefield victory.

How Biden resolutely pivots and what happens in subsequent hotspots will shape the legacy of his foreign policy.

Biden bets that even if violence surges in the Middle East and Afghanistan as the United States shifts its main focus, it is worth the price to pull the United States out of regional conflicts as bigger challenges arise elsewhere. And it seems.

Responsibility is no longer lacking. In such a battlefield interview with CNN, Lieutenant General Sagia bin Aziz, Chief of Staff of the Yemeni Army, said, “American decisions hurt us and Americans return to their decisions. I want. “

Republicans say the same thing. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas tweeted that Biden’s move “only facilitated the invasion of Fushi and is a lesson the administration should remember in the Iranian administration.”

And as the fight between Israeli and Palestinian militant groups soared to the highest level since 2014, central Democrats joined Biden this week to join progressives urging Biden to return to focused US diplomacy. It was. In a letter signed by 138 other people, North Carolina Democrat David Price said, “If the United States does not act with the immediacy required by this violence, much will be destroyed unnecessarily.” Said.

The announcement of the Israeli ceasefire came the day after Biden temporarily and sharply increased public pressure on Israel, calling for a “significant escalation” within hours. Biden’s remarks praising Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to “end the current hostilities within 11 days” were in line with the strong support of the US President for his ally Israel.

Biden states that it is imperative that the United States withdraw from its efforts to crack down on the Middle East conflict and focus on addressing long-term priorities. This includes competition with China and climate change.

“No one wants to say that we should be in Afghanistan forever, but they insist that it’s not the right moment to leave,” Biden said last month on September 11 with the withdrawal of US troops. I set a deadline for.

“‘Not now’—that’s how we got here,” Biden said of the 20-year US expansion in Afghanistan, which left the Taliban undefeated and the Afghan government still vulnerable. ..

For the administration and its supporters, the answer is to withdraw from stagnant and costly wars, manage foreign policy efforts in the Middle East, and use years of futile shuttle diplomacy in a peace process that combatants often do not. The effort is to prevent the accumulation of aerial miles. I want it.

For example, when it comes to the Yemeni war, “at some point we have to accept what the facts of the scene are telling you,” Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy said in the region this month. “The United States has been involved for six to seven years, during which time Yemen has moved further away from peace.”

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, “all we have done through the post-war war in the region is to reduce the security of our country,” Murphy said. “Well, if we decide to remember how the United States protected their interests before 2001, we may need to make adjustments.”

The Biden administration has pointed out the intensive efforts of diplomats to negotiate peace in Yemen, despite the end of military aid. On Thursday, the United States imposed sanctions on two Houthi leaders in an attack on Malibu.

Murphy argues that US efforts to alleviate the conflict with Iran have already facilitated on-site mediation attempts. This includes this year’s Saudi Arabia reaching out to top rival Iran and fellow Arab resentment partner Qatar after President Donald Trump was willing to support in a fierce confrontation with Saudi Arabia.

Even before Biden took power and tried to relieve tensions, Arab rulers, including the United Arab Emirates, teamed up in Trump’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran to double the attack and its He knew he had only spurred his allies, Ali said, Vaez, Iran’s project director and former UN employee of the International Crisis Group.

“I don’t think the United States no longer considers the region a priority,” said Marwan Muasher, a former Jordanian foreign minister. But some wise US involvement will be important, he said.

“The Biden administration should do nothing more with the peace process,” said Mr. Musher between Israel and Palestinians. “It should do things differently.”

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