Violent crimes in Ecuador hit a four-year high, doubling murder rate

After a deadly Riot in prison Economic collapse due to the arrival of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, Ecuadorians have been working on a historic four years spike In the violent crime that attacked New Highs 2021.

According to the ministry, domestic murders doubled from January to August this year. government..In addition, armed assault gain Vehicle theft increased by 58% and robbery increased by 16%, up 28.4%.

There is no single culprit, but retired police officer Andres “Frankie” Delgado said drug trafficking played a major role.

“It’s no coincidence that the state was most affected. [by the rise in crime] There is also a history of drug smuggling, “Dergado told The Epoch Times.

He lives in Portoviejo, the capital of Manabí, and talks about drug trafficking along the coast. Local It’s always a problem.

“Because it’s close to Colombia, it’s easy to smuggle things on a boat, especially in Esmeraldas.”

Back in March, the Navy ship Interceived Medicine 300 km from the boat on the sea route between the city of Esmeraldas (Ecuador) and Tumaco (Colombia).

“Many of the murder victims that have appeared in recent months are drug-related murders. Pandemics [their] Business, so some of this [violence] It’s a territory, “said Delgado.

Narco-related activities in Ecuador escalation During the COVID-19 pandemic, many criminal organizations took advantage of the strict blockade and lack of movement to increase profits.

In the evening November 18th, President Guillermo Lasso has issued Executive Order 257 to extend the state of emergency due to serious security concerns.

Lasso initially declared a state of emergency under the executive office Decree 224 On October 18th to fight the rise of violent crime.

Admiring the efforts of the Ecuadorian army, Lasso Tweet On November 18, police confiscated 16 tons of drugs and 634 illegal firearms in a special operation of 234,804. Police also arrested 6,894 officials and dismantled 76 criminal organizations.

Security and development expert Mario Ramos told The Epoch Times via What’s App that consistent and systematic public policy is needed to deal with the proliferation of crime, especially at the state level. rice field.

“This never happened,” Ramos said.

He explained that political differences underlie these contradictions in security policy, with each new government replacing key managers such as the Interior Minister, who specializes in security. This happened after Lasso took office in May 2021.

Ramos says the country’s deadly prison is in riot September It arose from policy neglect after the dismissal of the former Minister of Justice and the Minister of Human Rights.

“Infrastructure, training, [were] I didn’t obey anymore, “Ramos said.

In addition, political changes in security guards have reduced information networks. Ramos believes that the government has other priorities.

“Also, the pandemic has deepened. [existing] The economic crisis, and again unemployment, “he said.

When it came to the solution, Ramos was straightforward. [in security-related offices]..The current one has a lot of improvisation [under Lasso].. “

Ramos believes that having the resources to put the plan into action, and that the government acts beyond mere temporary political interests, is the key to turning the tide of crime in the country. I am.

He states that “a true strategic plan must be made” to achieve progress.

Autumn Spredemann