Violent words lead to violent behavior


In Canada, you wouldn’t find it controversial to oppose a burning church. But it upsets an astonishing number of people, including former British Columbia Civil Liberties President Harshawaria and a bunch of her supporters. How did we get here?

As global news Observed“In a tweet on June 30 in response to a news article that a pair of Catholic churches were burned down, Warrior wrote,” Burned down. ” And she wasn’t fired immediately. Even after 2 weeks. Finally, on July 16, BCCLA generously admitted to unleashing her in a timid act of surrender to a racist sexist mob.

No, really. When the board announced her resignation “heartily,” in a follow-up letter, their outfit was “unforgivable racism and misogyny, and a threat to physical and mental safety.” “I am facing. Apparently, “We encountered a wave of hateful commentary, inspired by the fact that our Executive Director is a racialized female leader.” And crumpled.

They also squeeze out the offensive apologies I have today, allowing me to “burn it all out” when the church burns, and “some false impressions of the values ​​and principles we protect. But basically, they are victims. You cheer for some terrible church burns and the big guys crawl out of the woodwork in numbers we no longer oppose.

The American Civil Liberties Union is famous for defending the Nazis’ right to march in Skokie, Illinois in 1978, on the principled and courageous basis that sunlight destroys evil. And it seemed to work. It was eccentric that fueled the anti-intolerance of trumpism rather than freedom of speech. Today, these outfits are full of anti-capitalist, like Warrior’s Wikipedia biography, which states that “she is a frequent guest speaker on campus,” the hard-left identity politics of cookie cutters. Is provided. It is different from the conservatives who are forced to “unplatform” in the name of verbal violence and the fight against the real thing. So how did you get to this dire path?

For 60 years, we’ve been hanging around and being told, “Do what you wilt.” And frankly, I succumb to the dark side of power. And as an old understanding of humanity, we could be right to demand personal and social restraints to avoid runaway because we are all sinners, and the losers are ridiculed further. I gave way to the old one.

As one lawyer tweeted about Warrior, “I’ll make it clear, I’ll help her burn it all, and it will light the way for us to move forward. Also, in arson. If the indicted person actually burns something, help protect him. “” Ps. Burn it all. Burn it, not literally. But just in case. I can also defend both civil and criminal. “

Yes, just in case. And some of the “comedians” who claim to “burn everything” clearly point to the challenge of historic systematic inequality as a result of ongoing colonization and assimilation in Canada. Some people insist. So, does the word “burn his house” here mean to challenge an idealistic excuse?

No, absolutely not. This brutal new pagan culture is not just on one side today. Undoubtedly, the social media rockets that BCCLA came in over Walia’s tweets were formerly racists and sexists. Internet commentary is often horrifying in every way, including a torrent of obscenity instead of discussion. And too many right-wing professionals are cynical, self-pity, and malicious. There was no charity when Fox’s Tucker Carlson called Warrior a “monster.”

For years, it was standard in the West that the Enlightenment eventually broke human rights out of the brutal and superstitious clutches of Christianity. It’s ridiculous and historic. Ancient casual cruelty is its most mysterious quality, at least for now.But it’s also a dangerous guide forward, as it assumes we can do it. ecraser l’infame And it retains the unprecedented tenderness, pity, and second chance that arises from the reassessment of all Christian values ​​with God who have embraced weakness, shame, and sacrifice.

Culture cannot be canceled. Isn’t Caligula so sympathetic as the lion rushes over the arena sand to the fateful victim? Alternatively, Justin Trudeau’s best friend and former adviser Gerald Butts tweeted that the burning church might be “understandable” (he’s doubtful about the mosque). Or, the head of the BC Indian Chiefs coalition and others have described anger as a “pearl clasp” because “‘Burn it all down’ is part of a glossary of social movements two centuries ago.” I rejected it.

Bosch. Violent words, such as “burns, babies, burns” in the heart of the United States in the 1960s, mean what they say, driven by violent thinking about violent behavior. And these people are not dishonest. Instead of whining about “microaggression,” we support the church to burn. On the contrary, they believe that fair play is a weakness and sympathy is for the loser and intends to be the winner.

Burnt poisonous landscape.

John Robson is a documentary filmmaker, National Post columnist, Dorchester Review contributor editor, and Executive Director of Climate Discussion Nexus. His latest documentary is “Environment: True Story”.

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