Viral TikTok shows bikers shouting racial slurs in North Carolina road rage incident

Editor’s Note: The video clip below contains racist and vulgar language.

The Gastonia Police investigate an angry encounter on the road during the dreaded daytime. on TikTokan enraged biker hurled racist slurs and other insults at a woman in her car.

It seems that a man on a motorcycle is pulling a car to a nearby woman. Handel’s Police spokesman Rick Goodale said Saturday at a homemade ice cream shop on East Franklin Boulevard after the Charlotte Observer emailed him a link to the video.

A 28-second TikTok posted by LaLa Milan on Friday was titled “Not this guy verbally abusing my mom in Gastonia North Carolina.” It has been played over 2 million times.

It shows a video taken from inside a car where the driver stopped at a red light. The biker stopped in the turning lane on the passenger side of the car and began yelling derogatory and abusive language.

“You’re an idiot!” shouts the biker. “You are f—— stupid.”

“You can’t drive,” yelled the biker, telling the driver to “roll down the windows.”

He shouts the N word twice.

The woman in the car continues to film the biker, yelling, “I got the plate.”

LaLa Milan, a popular creator and influencer on TikTok and other social media platforms, could not be reached Saturday during Observer. The date the video was shot is unknown.

Police are trying to determine if anyone reported the incident, which could be difficult without knowing when and where the call originated, he said.