Viral video captures the moment a 5-year-old child is knocked off a chair by his classmate’s father in China

A 5-year-old boy in eastern China suffered bruising and facial swelling after being slapped by his kindergarten classmate’s father over the weekend.

The incident, now caught on a viral video, took place on Saturday at a boy’s home in Nanjing, according to the report. local report.

Police said Lu, the father of a 33-year-old classmate, asked the boy’s home for an apology after hearing that the boy had beaten his son at school earlier in the day.

Later in the conversation, however, Lou slaps the boy in the face, sending him flying off the stool onto the floor.

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The violent moment upset the 64-year-old grandfather who tried to protect the boy. The senior allegedly lifted the chair he was sitting on and tried to hit Lou.

In response, Lou pushed Zoo to the floor.

The boy’s family reported the incident to authorities. The next day, Lou is taken into custody on assault charges.

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Investigation clearly The kindergarten feud began when the boys fought over a toy on the playground.Zu’s grandson allegedly scratched Lu’s son’s back of the head with the toy, causing a cut.

Lu’s son was injured in a toy fight with Zu’s grandson.via image sohu news

Zu’s grandson’s mother reportedly intended to have her child apologize to Lu’s son later that night. Both families reportedly live in the same community.

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The incident then went viral on Chinese social media, garnering more than 400 million views on Weibo alone. Several social media users criticized Lu. report become a doctor.

This incident is still under investigation.

via main image Netease

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