Virginia Governor Justin Fairfax says Governor McCorriff treated him like George Floyd and Emmett Till after allegations of sexual assault surfaced.

Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax
  • In a television debate, Virginia’s Lieutenant Justin Fairfax likened Emmett Till and George Floyd.

  • He accused Governor Terry McAuliffe of treating him like Floyd when allegations of sexual assault surfaced.

  • McCorriff is leading the race in this year’s Democratic primary for the Governor of Virginia.

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In a major Democratic debate aired Tuesday, Lieutenant Justin Fairfax of Virginia likened himself to: George Floyd And Emmett Till, Former Governor Terry McAuliffe accuses him of treating him like Floyd Allegations of sexual assault Emerged against him.

“Three minutes after the press release was released, everyone on this stage, including Terry McCorriff, called for my immediate resignation,” Fairfax said.

“He treated me like George Floyd, treated me like Emmett Till without a due process, and immediately took on my guilt. I have a son and a daughter. My daughter was beaten. I don’t want to. I want my son to be accused by mistake. “

In February 2019, Fairfax Two women of sexual assault -A claim that he is constantly denying.

Fairfax’s first whistleblower, Vanessa Tyson, Fairfax said it forced oral sex at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. Second whistleblower, Meredith Watson, Fairfax said she raped her when they were both students at Duke University.

Virginia Governor McCorriff from 2014 to 2018 leads this year’s race Virginia Governor Democratic Primary Election, And Fairfax is one of four rival Democratic Party of Virginia fishing to take him to the top spot. Northam cannot run for reelection because the Virginia Constitution prohibits anyone from holding that position for the second consecutive term.

This Tuesday’s debate wasn’t the first time Fairfax compared himself to hate crime victims. In response to allegations of sexual assault, Fairfax delivered an instant speech to the state legislature in the same month of 2019. Compare yourself to the victims of Lynch in Virginia during the Jim Crow era.

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