Virginia restaurant owners say 22 people didn’t come to the interview, missed the first shift, or quit for hours on the first day


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The industry has historically had high turnover rates, but restaurant owners say this has been much worse in recent months.Masked waiters carry drinks for restaurant patrons on the first day of a series of more relaxed restrictions on the pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus that occurred in Lisbon, Portugal on October 1, 2021. ..

  • Virginia restaurant owners say job seekers continue to abandon interviews and first shifts.

  • “No one cares about work,” the owner of Harrisonburg’s restaurant Mashita told The Breeze.

  • Americans say they want to work, but for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Restaurant owners in Harrisonburg, Virginia, some job seekers Stopped the interview and didn’t show up on the first shift..

Mikey Reisenberg, who runs the Korean restaurant Masita, Breeze In the past month, 22 candidates who applied for a job did not appear in the interview, missed the first shift, or quit for hours on the first day.

The business owner says that Job seekers continue to fail to attend interviews, Or accept the position, but do not come to the first shift.

The food service industry has historically had a high turnover rate, Retention has deteriorated significantly In the last few months.

“I don’t know how much money I wasted this year because I brought in people I thought I could train,” Reisenberg, who later quit his job, told Breeze.

Companies across the United States are currently struggling to hire and retain staff. Restaurants are significantly reducing operations as a result.

“That’s the biggest thing we’re talking about among the small business owners I’ve come across. No one wants to work“Reisenberg told The Breeze.

It’s rhetoric Many business owners repeated during the pandemic.. But Americans overwhelmingly say they want to work. Better wages, benefits, and working conditions.. Some workers say they have a wage shortage, not a labor shortage.

Workers say that the current imbalances in the labor market mean that they have more leverage and can endure better jobs. Similar but not only quitting for a better job, some workers have returned to education, Switching industry, Also Early retirement..

Hospitality staff also quotes Long non-social working hours, Rude customer, And the fear of catching COVID-19 as the reason they quit their jobs.

“We can talk about the real root cause of the idea that people don’t want to work, but I think it’s always reached, and it depends on the person,” Reisenberg told The Breeze.

He added that he was not only suffering from a labor shortage, but was also affected. Soaring material costs, that too. He said Shiitake mushrooms were removed from the menu after the price doubled from $ 15 to $ 30 per case.Other restaurants Adjusted the menu and raised the price As food becomes more expensive.

Nonetheless, Reisenberg is currently expanding its restaurant, which states that its capacity will increase from 18 to 146. 2021 was “amazing” compared to 2020, when a pandemic broke out and worked 15 hours in shifts. Added.

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