Virginia Tech continues to have a wild finish in Virginia, 29-24 years old.


Charlottesville, Virginia (AP) — JC Price hasn’t masked his feelings and love for Virginia Tech since he was elected interim coach for the Hawkeys to replace Justin Fuente earlier last week.

Former Hokeys players were able to unleash them on Saturday night and celebrate on the field with Hokeys, his fans, and his family after winning 29-24 in Virginia.

“I am very happy with these children,” he said. “Yes, someone is pinching me. I’m very happy, I don’t know if I’ll laugh or cry. It would be fun to get home on the bus.”

Braxton Vermeister threw in one touchdown and caught a pass in another touchdown, Virginia Tech ran 320 yards, giving Virginia a four-game losing streak of 29-24.

Bermeister, who ran 115 yards, hit Tybion Robinson with a 61-yard touchdown, and when the Hawkeys (6-6, 4-4 Atlantic Coast Conference) won on the 17th, he double-reversed 3 yards from Robinson. I caught the pass. Time for the last 18 meetings. He also won the 28th bowl qualification for the first time in 29 years.

“I told them this week that there was no moral victory. We either won or lost, and the kids found a way to win,” Price said.

Virginia (6-6, 4-4) was limited to 3 points in the second half, and after recovering the fumble with just over 3 minutes remaining, he drove to Virginia Tech 9, but Brennan Armstrong was in the end zone of La Sean. I passed Henry. Fourth-and 14 to 13 with 35 seconds remaining were incomplete, ending the last few minutes of the wild.

“Often it happens in close quarters or rivals, and the team that plays is the winner,” said Virginia coach Bronco Mendenhall.

When that was over, Hokies fans raided the field surrounding their team.

Raheem Black Shear led the Hawkeys ground attack at 169 yards with 18 carries, including 50 yards, and Bermeister won him at just 12 including a burst of 71 yards. Hokies had three plays covering at least 50 yards.

Oddly enough, in a game where both teams approached a 500-yard attack, Bermeister stopped at 3 on a long run, the Hawkeys failed to score, and back-up quarterback Connor Bloomrick’s 4-down pass was unsuccessful. It’s complete.

Armstrong was strong in the first half, throwing a touchdown once and running two more times, but after allowing 302 before half-time, Hawkeys’ defense limited Virginia to 172 yards. Virginia Tech also restored the fumble deep in its territory, turning it into a field goal and closing the match with 9:31 at 24:00.

“Our kids fastened their chin straps,” Price said, arguing that the Hawkeys approach remains the same after half-time. “The kids played a little hard.”

The ending was floating in the air until the last moment when Armstrong’s pass was incomplete. He had previously lost the ball in his fourth down scramble, where the ball rolled into Virginia’s end zone, where the aggressive lineman Bobby Haskins recovered, giving the Hawkeys safety and the ball. After three plays, Hokeys quarterback Connor Bloomrick was robbed by Nick Grant, and Cleveland Cavaliers 36 recovered to Virginia, setting the final fruitless drive.

The Bermeister was 14 6 at 141 yards. Armstrong finished 30 out of 46 at 400 yards, but only 4 out of the last 12 attempts.

The Cavaliers owned four times in the first half and finished three times with a touchdown. The only one that does not end with Hokies 38 in Tae Daley’s interception. That led to a score of 18 yards performed by Blackshear, who tied the game at 14.

Bitter pill

In the last two weeks, Virginia lost 48-38 in Pittsburgh, finishing a chance to beat the coast and then losing to the Hawkeys. Also.

“It tastes sour,” Armstrong said. “This was important to us.”

Take away

Virginia Tech: Hawkeys’ malicious defense defies them as Tae Daily intercepts a rare and terrible throw by Armstrong as Virginia takes a two-score lead in the second quarter and strengthens in the second half. I saved. However, two defenders avoided engaging with Geraniwoods in the TD Catch and Run, and two more were run by Armstrong on the second goal.

Virginia: Armstrong’s efficiency and Cavalier’s attacks allowed him to escape with highly suspicious defenses throughout the season, with untimely penalties hit hard. After West Weeks dismissed Bermeister -14 yards and set 4th and 22 yards to the Hawkeys from 13, Weeks met Panther Peter Moore in the next play and the Hawkeys on a drive that ended on the field. Gave the first down to the goal in the last play of the first half. Mendenhall said the play’s instructions were to try to block the punt, not to hit the panther.

Turner sighting

Hokies’ wide receiver TreTurner didn’t play most of the night because he was dealing with respiratory problems, but after safety he dressed up and did a Virginia onside kick. “He wanted to come to us and be there,” Price said.


Both teams wait for the bowl invitation.


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