Virginia voters choose Democratic governor candidate

Richmond, Virginia (AP) — Tuesday voters will decide on Democratic candidates in the up-and-coming election campaign this year for the Governor of Virginia.

McCorriff, a long-time Democratic fundraiser who served from 2014 to 2018, is the only state that bans the governor’s consecutive terms and rarely wants to return to the governor’s residence.

Competition in Virginia is becoming more and more important as the Democratic Party aims to maintain its position of power after taking full control of the state government in 2020. Wages have turned what was once a surely red state into an outlier in the south.

Among McCorriff’s opponents are State Senator Jennifer McClellan and former House of Representatives Jennifer Carroll Foy, both running for bids to make history of becoming the first black female governor in the United States. It will also be Virginia’s first female governor of all races.

The other two candidates are Lieutenant Colonel Justin Fairfax and self-proclaimed socialist Del Lee Carter.

Only Virginia and New Jersey are planning regular governor races this year, and Virginia is considered to be the more competitive of the two. The unusual off-year elections are next year’s midterm elections. It usually gets a lot of attention as it can be a precursor to national trends towards.

The winner of the race on Tuesday will face Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. Republicans are racially diverse as they try to break the Republican state-wide record of losing streak for more than a decade. The idea of ​​Youngkin, a wealthy former executive of the investment fund above the ticket, seems to be encouraging.

The GOP hopes Washington’s one-party rule will help their chances, especially given the long-standing tendency of Virginia voters to choose governors from the incumbent president’s opposition.

Voters also select candidates for the Democratic Attorney General and Vice-Governor.

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