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“Falcon & Winter Soldier”: No, it wasn’t the okoe that Bucky ran into

Warning: Spoilers for episode 3 of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. If you haven’t seen it, don’t read it. This week’s Falcon and the Winter Soldier featured more than a few familiar faces, not just returning the characters from Captain America. At the last moment of the episode, Bucky reunited with Wakanda, which we definitely know: but the secret of those who made the mistake was Ayo (Florence Kasumba), not Okoye (Danai Gurira). .. When Bucky, Sam, and Zemo arrived in Riga, Latvia, and continued to chase after Kali Morgentau and Flag-Smasher, Bucky decided to leave to “go out for a walk.” As he meanders, there are small metal objects on the ground. Eagle-eyed viewers perceive it as one of the many vibranium beads seen in “Black Panther,” and the other is planted on a nearby wall. When he steps into the alley, Bucky looks around and says, “I dropped something,” indicating that this was some signal. — (Disney / Marvel Studios) “I was wondering when it would appear,” Bucky said before revealing that he was talking to Ayo, who had never seen him since the battle with Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War”. Continued. .. She came for Zemo, and that’s all we know before the episode ends. Also read: “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”: Yes, Isaiah was Captain America-and Eli is the avenger of the future Now, a quick review for those who are struggling to place Ayo. She is not Okoye. She is the second commander of Okoye in the Dora Milaje and is tasked with protecting Wakanda and her king at all costs. We first met her as T’Challa’s Security Chief in “Captain America: Civil War” and then, of course, won more in “Black Panther”. But what exactly does she mean to “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”? Ayo (Disney / Marvel Studios) It’s easy to think that it might somehow be a “Black Panther 2” setup. After all, Malcolm Spellman, headwriter of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, confirmed that the series would set three future Marvel projects directly. But to be honest, there is no way to know yet. Ayo’s cameo was likely intended to set her and Wakanda as players in the show’s story for the time being and serve as a starting point for next week’s episode. But you’ll see that later. For now, it raises an important issue in the short term: Is Bucky working for Wakanda? The Falcon & Winter Soldier has already dropped some references to his time in a hidden country. In “The Star-studded Man,” Sam sneaks into the Flag-Smasher warehouse and says, “Look at you. Everything is stealth. After a short time in Wakanda, a white panther comes out.” Falcon and the Winter Soldier “: Who is the Power Broker? “It’s actually a white wolf,” Bucky returns. Sam is obviously confused by it, but obviously Bucky isn’t exactly the right moment to elaborate. Still, it’s important to recognize the moment, and Bucky is clearly proud of the name. It’s also important to recognize what his time in Wakanda clearly meant to Bucky. As he told his therapist in the “New World Order,” Wakanda was the only place where he was “a little calm” in almost a century. They helped him regain control of his mental abilities and even gave him the arm he is using today. He clearly has a soft spot in Wakanda. It is not unreasonable to think that he can work for them on this mission, inform them, or at least work with the understanding of working with them when needed. Obviously, Bucky wasn’t surprised by the appearance of Ayo. Also read: “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler declines the Academy invitation: “I don’t buy this and it.” Moreover, it makes sense for the Wakandas to have a vested interest in Zemo’s move. I am. He killed King T’Chaka, as we will not forget. T’Challa may have forgiven him, but that doesn’t mean that someone else in Wakanda has forgiven him. (See how long they had a grudge against Clau). That said, the Wakandas have reasonable legitimacy that they are also interested in Super Soldier Serum. Remember that Killmonger burns everything that looks like a heart-shaped herb during “Black Panther.” Obviously, to prevent him from becoming a Black Panther after him. Nakia managed to escape unscathed and managed to regain his power when he discovered that T’Challa had survived, but beyond that, Wakanda may have no more superpower plants left. there is. They definitely need a way to ensure that they inherit the Black Panther cloak. Serum may be the next best thing if they don’t have magical flowers. Of course, this is all speculation at the moment. Arguably, more context is given about Ayo’s arrival in the next episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.Read the original story “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”: No, it wasn’t Okoe that Bucky rushed into Zarappu