Virus-killing spray for common colds listed on ASX

An Australian pharmaceutical company developing a nasal spray that kills the first virus for the common cold will be listed on ASX on January 28th.

Peter Molloy, co-founder of Firebrick Pharma, said he has been working on the spray Nasodine for almost a decade as a treatment for colds.

“It seemed like if we could kill the virus in our nose, we could intervene in the middle of the cold and prevent it from spreading to our bodies and others,” he said.

Nasal sprays that target all causes of the common cold require wide-spectrum treatment, as common colds can be caused by about 200 viruses, Moroi said. In the video..

The spray is based on povidone iodine, the same active ingredient found in the betadine mouthwash that Molloy developed early in his career.

The usual concern with broad-spectrum therapy is that it can cause resistance within the bacterium, but Molloy develops resistance because the solution kills all respiratory viruses within almost 60 seconds. He said that things should be almost impossible.

According to a video on the Firebrick Pharma website, this remedy kills all tested viruses, including the seasonal coronavirus that causes colds and SARS-Cov-2 that causes COVID-19 disease. Is shown.

However, Molloy warned that there is still no published evidence that COVID-19 may be effective in the real world. That said, his company is researching potential uses for solutions against pandemic viruses such as SARS-CoV-2.

If the Treatment Supplies Administration approves this drug this year, it should be manufactured by Probiotech in Melbourne and placed on the pharmacy shelves in 2023.

Molloy said Nasozin has not yet undergone a second round of Phase 3 clinical trials and the trial is expected to begin in early 2022. Nasodin has not yet been approved for sale in Australia as this study aims to ensure approval for the treatment of colds. ..

“Lab testing and demonstrations are far from establishing clinical benefits,” he said.

The $ 7 million share announcement will fund Firebrick’s expansion into the international market and new product development.

Nasal drops to treat COVID-19 have been previously extruded. One of the recent sales to kill the COVID-19 virus is VirX, also branded as enovid.

A Peer-reviewed studiesPublished by the Journal of Infection, funded by SaNOtize and conducted by the UK Institute for External Virology, enovid spray has shown that it can actually reduce COVID-19 viral load.

AAP contributed to this report.

Marina Chan


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