Visa will allow some transactions to be paid in cryptocurrency

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Visa has been working hard to explore the field of cryptocurrency payment. Their latestExperiment planIt is a cooperation with, using the stable currency USD Coin to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, and will also expand to other partners later this year. USDC is a cryptocurrency linked to the U.S. dollar, so its value does not fluctuate as high as other cryptocurrencies, and it is more suitable for processing transactions.

In the past, Visa used to process cryptocurrency transactions. For example, it was to eat a meal. It was necessary for the store to convert the cryptocurrency to legal tender before processing. However, now with the assistance of, the open source Ethereum blockchain is used to directly process USDC transactions, saving a lot of cost and trouble.

Other opponents of the settlement platform, such as Mastercard and PayPal, have actually begun to accept cryptocurrency transactions, and recently they can even use Bitcoin to buy Tesla cars. It seems that the widespread use of cryptocurrency will happen in the foreseeable future.

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