Vladimir Putin issues “severe warning” to NATO in the United States

National Review

There is no problem that China can be considered an ally

China’s economic liberalization and integration into the international order did not, as many expected, lead to China’s political liberalization and development into a responsible international entity. Rather, its economic success only allowed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to strengthen its authoritarian grip at home and bend its muscles abroad. In retrospect, most observers today recognize that treating liberalization theory as a necessity was a mistake and led to a series of additional mistakes. Still, now that China has arrived as a major power, it has prosecuted genocide inside the border and is calling for its expansion. Many, including the great powers of the Biden administration, seem keen to make the same mistakes. Antony Blinken and other top brasses of the State Department do not believe that time, sunlight, and water will soon improve the current regime. It was almost impossible to justify such naive things to them. But they are acting on another equally harmful premise. That is, the basic nature of the CCP must sometimes be set aside so that the United States can work with the state on individual issues. We see this belief most prominently, and more recently, in the efforts of the United States, which has a relationship with China on environmental issues. On Saturday, the US and Chinese governments said, “The US and China have promised to work with each other and with other countries to tackle the climate crisis. It is the seriousness and urgency it demands. Must be addressed in. ā€¯Jimmy Quinn has already poured cold water into the idea that China’s actual environmental performance is in line with its lofty green rhetoric. In contrast to this statement, China is already ready to increase its world-leading emissions in the coming years. And there is nothing in the statement, the Paris Agreement, or any other international agreement that the CCP is responsible for any discrepancies between its words and actions. The only beneficiary of the issuance of such a statement is the CCP itself, and the U.S. Government has stated that the CCP itself, for all purposes and purposes, takes climate change seriously and is acting to correct it. I have you prove it. To make matters worse, the statement appears to put the United States and China on an equal footing as contributors and solvers of the problem, and China’s propaganda planes violate the administration’s human rights and take a positive geopolitical stance. Definitely used to counter criticism of. It is a big mistake for the Biden administration to take seriously belief in the idea that the Chinese Communist Party is interested in improving the environment, not for the benefit that seems to be committed to such a goal. The inseparability of the administration’s character from its motivation and behavior as it relates to a particular issue should also be easily clarified by the CCP’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. From the beginning, the goal was not to stop the spread of the disease and share important information with the global community, but to mitigate blame and cover its own path. As Jim Gerati showed here, as early as March last year, China had already built an elaborate line of coronavirus-related deception. The CCP rushed to shift its focus from its initial incompetence and arrogance, and rushed to market the coronavirus vaccine before proving that the work at hand was possible. Indeed, Sinovac products pushed into desperate countries such as Chile have been shown to be 16% effective after the first dose and 67% after the second dose, in real-world studies. Neither mark is sufficient for the protection that the US Pfizer, Modana, Johnson & Johnson vaccines all provide after a single vaccination. Chile, a victim of the Chinese Communist Party’s ironic vaccine diplomatic strategy, is experiencing a surge in cases and deaths despite extensive vaccination efforts. It’s hard to say how much life was saved if the Chinese government put the truth in front of what it saw as a short-term benefit for the time being through this crisis, but it can’t be so. There wasn’t. The ruthless pursuit of one’s short-term interests is a constant part of the CCP’s essence. The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing is yet another example of the seemingly unified international affairs that the Chinese government seeks to use for its own purposes. It used the 2008 game for promotional purposes to announce its arrival as a world power. Fourteen years later, we aim to introduce the People’s Republic as a competent and technically proficient civilized country. This is exactly the model of modern major countries. The United States will make a serious mistake by not pursuing a diplomatic boycott in line with Senator Mitt Romney’s proposal to counter this next fascinating attack. By not taking into account the nature of the Chinese administration, and the fact that its domestic and geopolitical objectives are inseparable from its approach to specific problems, the Biden administration empowers them to achieve those objectives. I am. The President and his diplomatic corps are obliged to identify these areas (environment, coronavirus, sports, etc.) as battlefields and tackle them.