Volkswagen Labor Boss wants faster electric vehicle deployment in Wolfsburg: Braunschweiger Zeitung

The head of the Berlin-Volkswagen Labor-Management Council hopes automakers will continue to produce electric vehicles at Wolfsburg’s main plant until 2024, making them more competitive, the newspaper reported on Saturday. ..

Braunschweiger Zeitung says Daniela Cavallo, head of the labor-management council, is launching a new model to ensure competitiveness as factory production declines this year due to a global chip shortage and the COVID-19 outbreak. He said he said he needed to create it.

“This site needs a faster path to e-mobility,” the newspaper quoted Cavallo, adding that this should happen in 2024.

Under the Trinity Project, VW is developing a flagship electric sedan to be built in Wolfsburg from 2026.

By producing electric vehicles faster in Wolfsburg, the paper says Cavallo can address the occupancy problem that raises concerns about the workforce in factories where workers are making time-saving shifts to “Kurzerbait.” He reported that he said.



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