Volkswagen pays $ 1.5 million to resolve diesel claims in New Hampshire, Montana


Washington — Volkswagen AG agreed on Monday to pay $ 1.5 million to resolve environmental claims between New Hampshire and Montana regarding post-vehicle updates of software emissions resulting from the 2015 diesel fraud scandal. Said.

The $ 280 per vehicle settlement is just one of the biggest responsibilities German automakers face on the question of whether the state can enforce emission legislation regarding emission updates after a vehicle is sold. ..

VW has paid New Hampshire $ 1.15 million and promised to build another fast charging station in the state by 2024. VW has agreed to pay Montana $ 357,280.

Last month, VW called on the US Supreme Court to overturn the Ohio court’s ruling, which paved the way for the state to proceed with diesel emissions proceedings.

In a court document, VW said Ohio’s allegations “could total $ 350 million per day, or more than $ 127 billion per year, over a multi-year period.” The settlement with the two states is worth $ 280 per vehicle and covers approximately 5,500 vehicles.

Approximately 47,000 vehicles are involved in the remaining three states and two counties in the proceedings.

Volkswagen previously resolved US action caused by an emission scandal of more than $ 20 billion, but it did not protect it from local and state government responsibilities, the Court of Appeals found.