Volkswagen will stop selling fuel-engine cars in Europe in 2035

Volkswagen ID.4

Andrew Tarantola/Engadget

Volkswagen Volkswagen has handed over a more accurate timetable for the electrification of vehicles, according toReutersQuoting the company’s board member Klaus Zellmer in the German media Münchner Merkur During the interview, it was revealed that VW will stop selling fuel-engined vehicles in Europe between 2033 and 2035. The Chinese and American markets will follow up at a later time. Africa and South America will need to postpone due to local policies and lack of infrastructure. .

Zellmer predicts that by 2030, 70% of the car sales in the European market will be electric vehicles. He expressed his hope that he can seize the opportunity before the EU further tightens its emission targets.

In other words, VW’s goal is actually to be compared with the other two major automakers.Fu TewithGeneral MotorsIt’s too late, because they all set the goal of fully electrifying sales in major markets by 2030. However, VW has finally handed over a definite timetable, so that more fuel vehicles can really retreat, and it is also called for more governments to promote the development of electric vehicle infrastructure.

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