Voting groups are seeking federal intervention in Arizona. In Arizona, a company owned by a Trump-backed conspiracy theorist is “auditing” the 2020 elections.


File photo, former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett at a press conference on Thursday, April 22, 2021, for a 2020 election ballot audit ordered by Republican Senate Arizona at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. Talk about the director. Judges who hear voters challenge their privacy policy during the 2.1 million recounts of Republican-controlled Senate Arizona’s 2020 election ballot are not convinced that voters are kept secret It states. Associated Press Photo / Ross D. Franklin

  • The Voting Rights Group urged the Justice Department to “deploy a federal monitor” in Arizona.

  • These groups are concerned about Republican-led efforts to “audit” the 2020 elections.

  • The effort is led by a Trump-backed conspiracy theorist.

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Voting rights groups have expressed serious concern about Republican efforts “Audit” the 2020 elections in Arizona, “Deployed a federal monitor” to the US Department of Justice and appealed to protect about 2.1 million votes in Maricopa County.

so April 29 letter Attorneys at the Brennan Center for Justice, Democracy Protection, and Leadership Council have told the ministry’s civil rights department that an audit launched last week threatens voting rights.

The Cyber ​​Ninja was elected by the Republican-led state legislature in Arizona, despite having no election experience. Its founder, Doug Logan, promoted the “#StopTheSteal” conspiracy theory on his Twitter account since it was removed, blaming former President Donald Trump’s widespread fraudulent election claims rather than his expertise. It suggested that it was chosen because of its credibility with other people.

In their letter calling for federal intervention, lawyers say they believe Arizona Republicans and cyber ninjas violate the law.

“Specifically, both parties are under federal law to retain and store ballots in federal elections at risk of being stolen, polluted, or irreparably damaged. It violates its obligations in the United States, “they write. They also claim that both parties are “preparing to engage in acts that constitute threats to illegal voters by violating voting rights law and other federal laws.”

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Until now, Cyber ​​Ninjas has been unable to accurately reveal plans to discover fraud that was not detected in two previous audits by a trusted company. In the first few days, the temporary worker and partisan volunteers are holding ballots on UV light in a clear effort to prove that President Joe Biden’s victory in the county is a product of fraud. Was seen.

In the process, the ballot was “at risk of irreparable damage,” the lawyer said.

The company is also blocking access for legitimate journalists-even though CNN granted special access to the far-right One America News Network, which is livestreaming the spectacle, on Thursday. Reported that he had a hard time.

The Republican-dominated Maricopa County Oversight Committee has fought with Parties’ efforts to prove Biden’s victory last fall and hand over ballots to a third party in favor of Trump.

Cyber ​​Ninja’s method is Arizona Democratic PartyRequested to be published. The state court agreed, and on Thursday the company released three documents outlining security procedures.

The party’s chairman, Raquel Terran, said in an interview with an insider earlier this week that the vote count was “Fake audit“The aim was to soothe conspiracy theorists and justify the new voting restrictions. The party is currently reviewing published documents.

Republican Senator Karen Fann, who chose Cyber ​​Ninja, allocated $ 150,000 to count ballots, but did not respond to requests for comment.

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