WA Police Chief Becomes “Vaccine Commander” to Fight Low Jab Rate


The Government of Western Australia (WA) has elected the Chief of Police as the new “Vaccine Commander” to strengthen the state’s vaccine deployment.

Western Australian Police Commissioner Chris Dawson, who is currently the State Emergency Coordinator, is tasked with overseeing the deployment and maximizing the number of Western Australians willing to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine.

In particular, the role of Vaccine Commander includes communication with the non-governmental sector to “make sure that certain hesitant groups are supported for vaccination.” ..

Currently, 28.5% of Washington states over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated, the lowest in the state, followed by Queensland at 28.9%.

Premier of Western Australia Mark Magawan and Police Minister Paul Papalia praised Dawson as an ideal candidate for that role.

“The police secretary did a tremendous job throughout the pandemic,” McGowan said. Media release.. “I am confident that he will continue to excel and carry out this important mission as both a state of emergency and a vaccine commander.”

Epoch Times Photo
On June 29, 2021, police members will inspect a car at the Indian Ocean Drive border crossing north of Perth, Western Australia, Australia. (Photo courtesy of Matt Jelonek / Getty Images)

“As WA’s top police officer, Commissioner Dawson has survived this pandemic. It’s appropriate for him to lead WA’s COVID-19 vaccine program,” Papalia added.

Last year, WA police launched a COVID-19 executive unit consisting of more than 200 police officers tasked with conducting rallies and spot checks on people in need of self-quarantine.

“During a pandemic, police officers are important in maintaining national security, such as daily police activities, effective strengthening of borders, or targeting special operations to catch unlawful criminals and syndicates. It has played a role, “says Paparia.

Dawson’s placement reflects the placement of Lieutenant John James Fluen, a senior officer of the Australian Army, who was elected as the coordinator of the US COVID Vaccine Task Force in June.

It also happens when Australia has increased its presence on the streets of police and the military in an attempt to limit the anti-blockage movements that have taken place across the country.

This includes thousands of Australians from Sydney and Melbourne who came out last month to protest as part of the “Rally for World Freedom.”

Anti-blocking protesters violate COVID-19 restrictions for rallying in Melbourne
Thousands of people gather at CBD in Melbourne on August 21, 2021 to protest the blockade restrictions in Melbourne, Australia. (Getty Images)

New South Wales police commissioner Mick Fuller, who named the protesters “anarchists,” then called for a total of 800 Australian Defense Force personnel to help expand Sydney’s blockade operation.

In Victoria, police are considering closing Melbourne’s public transport to crack down on future protests.

WA police were also previously angry after it was revealed that they used “SafeWA” (state COVID-19 tracing app) in two separate investigations for contactless tracing purposes.

Dawson defended access, saying it was done within the limits of the law.

audit(pdf) Later, it was revealed to SafeWA that police had ordered WA Health to provide check-in data six times. Of these, only three were granted before the state passed a law prohibiting its use for purposes other than contact tracing.

Daniel Kumerev