‘Waking Up’ Dooms Boris Johnson’s Prime Minister: Trump

According to former President Donald Trump, being “woke up” cost former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson his political career.

Trump’s comments were made in an Oct. 4 interview with Lawrence Fox GBNewsis a UK free TV and radio news channel.

Fox, who recently played President Joe Biden’s second son in Breitbart’s film My Song Hunter, is filling in for Nigel Farage on GB News’ primetime show Farage.

“The biggest problem Boris has is [that] He suddenly became liberal and went to the other side… He’s a nice guy, but something happened to him. He pointed out that he was exiled from

According to Trump, the British leader lost the trust and love of the people because he was no longer conservative. ‘ said Trump.

Trump attributed Johnson’s political failure to his leftist stance.

“Ultimately, I think that really got him out. I don’t think it was the party,” he said, referring to the scandal that led to Johnson’s dismissal. “I think the party was just an excuse,” Trump insisted. “He became less conservative and I think a lot of people didn’t like it.”

Tribute to Prime Minister Liz Truss

The former president praised the economic policies of current Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Trump said Truss’ economic philosophy was similar to his presidency. “We got a big tax cut and were able to do more business. Amazing. [day], have a greater income. It will be very interesting. ”

The former president has stressed his support for the British leader despite the public criticism she has faced, saying he holds her in high esteem.

“What she did is the exact opposite of what some people think, but that doesn’t mean they were right. I have a feeling she might be right,” he pointed out.

Fox asked Trump to comment on Charles III, who is “famous for his outspokenness”, and his support for the Awakened Agenda and the Green New Deal. Speaking about his relationship with the monarch, Trump said they get along well with each other.

“He’s got a strong view on things,” the former president said, but the new The King would avoid expressing leftist tendencies. “He probably won’t discuss certain elements of what he believes,” Trump said.

Trump once again hinted at running for president in 2024 in a comment to Fox, who is filling in for Brexit leader Nigel Farage at the outlet.

“If I promised to play you in the movie Trump 2024, would you run for president again?” asked Anchor.

Mr Trump added that recent polls favor Mr Trump, replying: “I think you have to think hard about that.”

Hannah Ng


Hannah Ng is a reporter covering US and Chinese news. She holds her Master’s Degree in International and Development Economics from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.