Wales demands COVID-19 passport from event, nightclub

Welsh clubbers and event attendees are legally required to create a COVID pass at the door from October 11th. The Welsh government announced on Friday.

The decision was made after the Scottish Parliament voted in favor of the introduction of a vaccine passport from October 1, and the British government shelved a similar plan for the UK.

From October 11th, all adults must have an NHSCOVID pass to enter the nightclub. An indoor non-seat event for over 500 people. An outdoor non-seat event for over 4,000 people. Settings and events with more than 10,000 participants.

This app can be used as evidence of complete viral vaccination with CCP (Chinese Communist Party) or as a negative result of immunochromatography within the last 48 hours.

This is different from Scottish requirements and UK shelving plans. Neither accepts negative test results.

The Scottish Government previously said that accepting evidence of negative test results at this time “may undermine one of the policy goals of the plan to increase vaccine intake,” limited PCR lab capabilities to clubbers. He explained that it could prevent overwhelming.

The first Welsh Minister, Mark Drakeford, also recommended that on Friday everyone work from home as much as possible and make sure they are fully vaccinated.

The government said it would strengthen awareness and enforcement of other rules, such as covering faces indoors in public places and on public transport.

“Measures have been put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, Wales has a very high number of cases, but the alert level remains zero for the next three weeks,” the government said. statement..

Indoor face coverings are currently recommended, but legally required in the United Kingdom. However, the UK government did not rule out reinstatement of mask obligations and the introduction of vaccine passports in certain circumstances if the minister determined that hospitalizations at risk of overwhelming the NHS would increase significantly.

The number of CCP virus cases in Wales is now at the same level as last December, when the number of cases last peaked, but the number of CCP virus hospitalizations and deaths is far from what was seen in December. It is a thing and suggests an association with positivity. Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are significantly weakened.

By Wednesday, 84.6% of Wales’ population had been vaccinated twice with the CCP virus vaccine. This is slightly higher than Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

Drakeford said about 30% of adults under the age of 30 in Wales have not yet accepted vaccination offers, but denied the introduction of a COVID pass to attend nightclubs and events as a punishment.

“I don’t see it as a punishment for those young people to stay safe and to put something in place to help others stay safe,” he said.

“Both vaccinations [nor] The path is a magic bullet. “

The Welsh government is considering whether to introduce a criminal offense of forging a COVID pass.

The Nighttime Industry Association Wales said it was disappointed with the government’s decision to introduce a COVID pass.

“I’m disappointed that the Welsh government felt that it had to require a Covid passport at this stage, despite more free practice, including testing,” a spokeswoman said.

“We still feel that these measures have a negative impact on our business and cause considerable distortion in the market.”

PA contributed to this report

Lily Zhou