Wales Ends Mandatory COVID-19 Self-Quarantine and Most Common Mask Wear

Forced COVID-19 self-quarantine ended in Wales on Monday, and forced mask wearing in stores and public transport has also been confirmed by the government.

However, masks continue to be legally required in health and care settings, and businesses must continue to perform CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus risk assessments and take “reasonable measures” accordingly.

The self-quarantine rule was given guidance on Monday, and Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said the government “strongly recommends covering faces in crowded indoor public places, including shops and public transport.”

The Welsh government had previously planned to revoke all remaining CCP virus regulations on Monday, but some because Drakeford called it “an unwanted increase in coronavirus cases across Wales.” We have decided to extend the regulation for at least three weeks.

“We have carefully considered the latest scientific and medical evidence. To keep Wales safe, we need to maintain some legal protection for a little longer,” Drakeford said.

At a press conference on Friday, Drakeford called the decision a “difficult but cautious balance.”

Drakeford touted the CCP virus vaccination program as “the only and most important protection we have,” and Wales “forever relies on the power of law to keep us safe” from the virus. I can’t continue. “

Drakeford also said that while the number of cases of the CCP virus is increasing, the number of serious cases is stable.

“The level of intensive care has been largely stable for the past 10 days,” he said.

The remaining regulatory reviews are scheduled for April 14, to see if the government will maintain it after April 18.

In the United Kingdom, the last remaining legal restriction was removed on February 24th, and all legal restrictions became guidance in Northern Ireland from February 15th.

In Scotland, Monday’s guidance was the legal requirement for companies to retain customer contact details for contact tracking.

However, Scotland’s mask obligation, which was previously expected to expire on Monday, is valid “for a shorter period of time,” making Scotland the only country in the UK that requires the wearing of masks by law.

The rules for wearing masks in stores and public transport will be reviewed early next week and may be guidance on April 4.

However, after Easter, junior high school teachers and students are required to wear masks in common areas.

A Scottish government spokesperson said Wednesday that “after the Easter holidays, staff and middle school students will continue to need face coverings in common areas.”

“This national guidance applies to all schools in Scotland.”

Lily Chow


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.