Walter Mondale changed the Senate filibuster, and he would have reformed it again

Former Vice President Walter Mondale (D), Died on mondayLed a successful effort to reform filibuster while serving as a Minnesota Senator in 1975.In front of Mondale and James Pearson (R-Kan.) Introduced a resolution to reform cloturesAt the beginning of Congress 94, a parliamentary mechanism to end filibuster, a majority of two-thirds of senators attending and voting to break filibuster were needed. Mondale and Pearson sought three-fifths of all senators who voted and attended.

Senate Rule XXII, which governed the cloture, “in its present form protects the right to debate at the expense of the right to make decisions.” Mondale told a Senate colleague.. “Rule XXII has significantly impaired the ability of this body to function.”

Senator James Allen (D-Ala.) Led an opposition to oppose the bill, and after weeks of intense debate, the Senate Agreed on a compromise Three-fifths of the entire senator, or 60 senators, had to agree to call the cloture to prevent filibuster.The rule still represents a legislative filibuster, but again Cry for reform In the blockage.

Early in his senate career, Mondale supported a simple majority of 51 senators to quell filibuster. And he and Pearson easily set a precedent for a 51-vote cloture. James Walner explained in 2019.. But by that time Mondale had changed his mind. “As I see, it’s a problem between the ability to paralyze on the one hand and the ability to require full ventilation of the problem on the other,” he said in 1971. Issues that require careful consideration by the Senate. “

By 2011, Mondale was ready for the next round of cloture reform. In 1975, Senators wanted to lower the threshold from 67 votes to 60 votes. “We maintained discussion and deliberation while avoiding paralysis and did so for some time.” He wrote in 2011 New York Times Editorial. “But it’s now clear that our reforms were inadequate for today’s more partisan and increasingly distressed Senate.” Mondale will lower the threshold to 55 votes? , “To Senator Filibuster Actually speak on the Senate floor During the period of filibuster. “

“I still want to keep some of the filibusters” Mondale said in 2013.. “I think the Senate should be different from the House of Representatives. I’m looking for a mysterious line between demanding debate and consultation on the one hand and paralysis on the other. I have paralysis. “

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