Wanda Sykes cheerfully understands how Supreme Court judges “lied” at “late shows”


Wanda Sykes On Monday she said, “It’s a little salty now” -and that may be a conservative expression. (Watch the video below.)

“Late Show with Stephen Colbert‚ÄĚComedians focused on overthrown conservative Supreme Court judges Abortion protection last week.Some nominated by Donald Trump confirmed in their oath testimony respect for the precedent set by the Roe v. Wade case. During their confirmation hearing..And Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) And Susan Collins (R-Maine) said. They were misunderstood By the judge.

Sykes understood how the judge avoided it.

“These judges … basically lied during their confirmation hearing,” Sykes seized. “How can you be a judge in the Supreme Court when you’re just lying? What did they cross their fingers?”

Later, when asked how to bring the country closer to normal, the “Upshaw” star said: I think it’s normal. “

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