Want more gun control? Don’t understand about AR-15

AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle.

Shown is the AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle. Gun owners don’t want to ban assault rifles, but the majority are actively working on background checks and smart gun technology. (Charles Kurpa / Associated Press)

The most notable aspects of gun control package President Biden announced last week that it includes major federal regulations on gun violence for the first time in more than 25 years. And this is the time when the United States is generally at the top of the list of gun deaths in developed countries.by University of Washington Researcher, Our gun mortality rate is 8 times that of Canada, about 100 times that of the UK, and 200 times that of Japan.

Imagine another cause of death (AIDS, drug overdose, pancreatic cancer) having such a disproportionate effect on the United States and Congress taking no action for 25 years. It would be “international embarrassment,” as Biden named it gun violence.

The loss of generations of reform opportunities is even more tragic because there are ways to move forward in line with the rhetoric on both sides of the debate, which is dramatic rather than inclusive.

Regulatory promotion units should be concentrated Popular regulations Where the political breeze is already behind, the problem is a rebellious Republican Senate caucuses that are out of step with most Americans, including gun owners and NRA members.

It’s like a step-by-step approach focused on strengthening the law, especially on strengthening background checks and promoting smart gun technology, designed to keep guns out of the hands of identifiable and dangerous people. I am. He then embarked on a battle to ban or limit possession or ownership of certain weapons and large magazines, a reference that bubbling gun owners.

The US massacres in Indianapolis on Thursday and last month in Boulder, Colorado and the Atlanta area are all reminiscent of loose gun control legislation in the United States. After each, you may hear a decisive ban on certain types of guns, especially the AR-15 automatic rifle, the weapon of choice for lonely shooters. But as the National Rifle Association. He also points out that it is also “America’s most popular rifle.”

The ban on assault weapons was a political non-starter.But after all, according to the FBI, the “active shooter” is responsible. Less than 1% A disgusting number of Americans 40,000 gun deaths annually.. The center of gun violence is suicide (about 60% of gun deaths), which is widely known to law enforcement agencies and is a recurring violent criminal in gangsters associated with illegal drug trafficking. Guns also play a major role in domestic violence.Everytown for gun safety Calculate Women in the United States are 21 times more likely to die from gun murders than women in other countries, and almost half of the murders are due to their partners. If an abusive person picks up a gun, a woman is five times more likely to be killed by her abusive partner.

The point is clear. Starting with people with records of violent crimes, domestic violence, mental instability, and minors, we need a consistent and powerful background check system to keep guns out of the wrong hands.Multiple the study In recent years, it has been found that the majority of Americans, including gun owners, support a more robust background check system.

At a press conference last week, Biden advertised two bills, HR8 and HR1446, which were passed in the House of Representatives and are currently suffering in the Senate. These are the beginnings. The first establishes new background checks for transfers between individuals. The second closes the “Charleston loophole” by increasing the time the dealer has to wait to receive the completed background check to 10 days. Current law requires the dealer to complete the sale after three days, even if the background check is not returned.

In addition to strengthening background checks, reformers need to promote smart gun technology that prevents anyone but the owner from using the gun. If adopted more widely, it would make dents in the 200,000 guns that are often stolen and used for crime each year.And again, the gun community isn’t categorically opposed — NRA only. Oppose making it mandatory technology.

No thank you. For now, not all guns on the market need to have safeguards built in.The majority of Americans, including gun owners I’m willing to buy Smart Guns, and Congress, can fine-tune the market, and therefore manufacturers, with tax incentives for installing or purchasing smart gun technology.

Finally, as part of his gun proposal, Biden instructed Ati. General Merrick Garland facilitates the tracking of so-called ghost guns (made from kits) and creates a model “danger signal” law that can be adopted by the state if Congress does not adopt it (these laws are guns). Allows temporary removal) Persons who pose a risk). Governments can also instruct US law firms to target the most probable gun violence offenders in their community. I launched a program like this when I was a US lawyer in Pittsburgh. Combining strict enforcement of ownership laws with social welfare with a “carrot and stick” approach can reduce gun deaths.

For 25 years, Republican senators have been opposed to almost every move towards stricter gun control. But the overall popularity of common-sense reforms makes me wonder if some of them could benefit politically from withdrawal. Gun control activists need to focus on measures to keep gun owners from igniting their hair and putting pressure on Republican wobble. Better background checks and smart guns can be the law. These are the best ways to significantly reduce the scandalous rate of American gun violence.

Harry Littmann is a member of the Southern California Leadership Council of the Brady Gun Law Organization. @HarryLitman

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..