Warm welcome, snowy weather for Canadian Army veterinarians as he crosses Saskatchewan in protest March

James Top has enjoyed the warmth of the Saskatchewan people in the unseasonable cold and wind.

RCMP military veterans and civilian employees were removed from both jobs because they refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. He began a 4,293-kilometer march from Vancouver to Ottawa on February 20, calling for the end of vaccination mandates and the reinstatement of all fellow Canadians who lost their jobs due to this measure.

He has now crossed three states and arrived in Regina, Saskatchewan on April 20.

“Apart from the weather, I had a really good reception,” said a 28-year veteran about his time in Saskatchewan.

Top said he had some “emotional experiences” while talking to supporters of Moosejaw who were also suffering from compulsory vaccination. He said it helped rekindle his motivation to speak publicly against his obligations.

“The idea I was alone stood in front of many people and exposed your soul to them. It was difficult and I felt it. I am suffering psychologically. I realized that I wasn’t the only one, “he said.

Epoch Times Photo
Former military officer Sunil Lam greets James Top (L) on April 21, 2022, along a march route near Regina, Saskatchewan. (Courtesy of James Top)

The 33,890 city is home to the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Air Force Training, Flight Training School, Snowbirds Demonstration Squadron, and is also a major location for NATO flight training in Canada. Top says unvaccinated military members like him experienced similar problems there.

After visiting Moosejaw on April 18, he said, “People at the base, those who took the position I have, they have been banished within their community. It’s tragic.” Said.

A few days later, health food store owner and community organizer Lana Van Dijk introduced Topp to an audience of 150 in Regina.

“What I am most grateful for is the fact that he is one of us. He is Canadian, passionate about something and has the courage to take a step forward. Something different. And that quality of being bold and doing what you believe is special, and that’s an example that needs to be shown, “Vandik said in an interview.

For veterans, it surpassed the hat-trick of good events in the three cities of Saskatchewan.

“Swift Current was also a good experience, Moosejaw, Regina-more people will come out than I expected. I’m often surprised that many people are reacting to this journey.” Said Topp.

He said that his “really touching” memories of traveling the state were when a girl named Jade handed him a picture of herself and sang a song about her freedom. increase.A video of Jade’s performance was posted on YouTube On April 23, he commented, “The weather in Saskatchewan may be cold, but people are very warm.”

On the same day, Topp’s march was shortened at 31km due to a gust of 80km and a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius that made it difficult to continue. A Snowstorm that night It caused power outages and road closures in southeastern Saskatchewan and kept the top way raid at hotels in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, until the march could resume on April 25. He walked the longest 55km of his journey that day.

Epoch Times Photo
Surrounded by team members, James Top walks near Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, on April 21, 2022, during a march to Ottawa in protest of his vaccination obligations. (Courtesy of James Top)

Eight people accompanied Topp, but no one knew before the trip began in February. He calls them “family”, but sometimes new friends join a short section of trekking.

“Anyway here in Saskatchewan, it’s notable even in rural areas. People drive and jump out. They notice me passing by and they want to join. And they want to join. And they’re a few kilometers. Or come for the day, “he said.

“I couldn’t imagine this, it became like this. It’s actually a Canadian citizen and obviously needs it, so I’m actively participating in it.”

The top will reach the Manitoba border on April 26 near the 2000km mark on his journey and will arrive in Ottawa in June. His team has set up meetings with the MP and has been enthusiastic about trying to hear their voices to others.

“One of the reasons I go there is to speak for them, and they come and tell me their problems, including service members … [The unvaccinated ones are] They are struggling to continue their work so that they can support their families. It happened many times, “said the top.

“The point of this [is to] Go and establish this dialogue, talk to parliamentarians and civil servants, and tell them: And they feel you have abandoned them and you haven’t heard. And this needs to be repaired. “

The location of Topp can be tracked at Canadamarches.ca or Canada Marche Facebook GroupHas 15,000 members.

Lee Harding


Lee Harding is a Saskatchewan-based journalist and think tank researcher and contributor to The Epoch Times.