Warn the Departure Police Chief, a tech giant who prioritizes profits over child safety

Social networks can make it much more difficult for pedophiles to share vulgar images, but they choose not to invest in such technology, and extroverted British police officers. Says on his last day.

Simon Bailey, leader of the National Police Commissioner’s Council on Child Protection and Norfolk Police Chief, expects to point to Facebook in his final speech on Wednesday, marking the end of his 35-year career in police. It has been.

Bailey warns the PIER21 conference that the company’s plans to introduce comprehensive end-to-end encryption threaten to “turn off the lights” due to the issue of child sexual abuse online.

The retired chief describes the current scale of crime as “epidemic,” saying: “Unfortunately, the tech industry continues to make money before it protects children.

Facebook is already the most used platform for sharing vulgar images, but we plan to deliberately blind it by introducing end-to-end encryption throughout the service. This will turn off the light for the ability to effectively monitor this activity. Changes to these plans are open to Facebook.

“The Government has created an online safety white paper and the Government’s full response to the consultation, which will empower Ofcom to fine companies to host this material, but uploaded. This can’t stop the problem if no one can see what it is. “

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Chief Police Officer Simon Bailey in the photo of the distribution file without a date. (Norfolk Police / PA)

Bailey would say the UK has become “world-leading” by targeting online abuse over the past seven years, but the number of victims continues to grow.

The police protected child abuse image database is believed to contain approximately 20 million unique images of child sexual abuse, increasing at a rate of approximately 250,000 each month.

Nine years ago, the Center for Child Exploitation and Online Conservation was responsible for coordinating the arrests of 192 people annually, but police now working with the National Crime Agency are responsible for 850 crimes a month. Dealing with people. Anglia Ruskin University.

“Our partnership has protected tens of thousands of young people, but the amount of crime continues to grow, corruption is exacerbating, and victims are becoming younger. The scale is simply overwhelming. Police And NCA is doing everything we can, but we need to hold the social media giants who are exempt from responsibility. “

Bailey has led the Norfolk State Parliament for the past eight years and began working on the NPCC’s child protection and abuse investigation in 2014.

He became the NPCC leader for violence and public protection in 2016.

A Facebook spokeswoman said: “Child exploitation is not on our platform. Facebook continues to lead the industry in developing new ways to prevent, detect and respond to abuse. End-to-end encryption is a hacker and crime It is a key security technology used by many services to protect people from others. Full deployment to messaging services is a long-term project and we have strong security measures in place in our plans. “

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