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How Bolsonaro won the Trump crown as the worst COVID leader in the world

Carl De Souza / GettyRIO DE JANEIRO-Inspired by President Jail Bolsonaro’s mishandling and hingeless bravery, Brazil’s latest COVID surge is the country’s most deadly coronavirus outbreak in the world. May be wiped out. He told The Daily Beast that he feared that the virus would go completely out of control and the death toll would continue to explode in order to counter Bolsonaro’s face mask, blockade, and antipathy towards the vaccine until recently. “The situation is hopeless,” Dr. Garson Salvador told The Daily Beast, a person working in the emergency room at Sao Paulo Hospital. “And it’s the president’s attitude that has won us here.” This week, Brazil has surpassed 4,000 deaths in a single day for the first time since the pandemic began more than a year ago. Experts warn that the worst may not yet come. .. There is a shortage of graveyard space across the country, and mass graves are open in some cities. In São Paulo, authorities say they plan to bury the victims in a “vertical tomb” like a drawer. Bolsonaro, who claimed that COVID was nothing more than an early “small flu” in the pandemic, claimed that it would only fight quarantine and harm the economy. His devastating response to the crisis has hit his approval rating and weakened him politically. But in a country where millions of people are struggling in the informal sector, who work as cleaners, taxi drivers, and fruit sellers, his message still echoes to many frustrated workers. Bid to delay infection. For Easter, cities like Rio de Janeiro have imposed partial blockades to close bars, restaurants and beaches, but such measures are still a difficult sale for many Brazilians. Faced with frustrated voters and pressure from a volatile economy, authorities in many states, including Ceará and Santa Catarina, are ready to relieve them in the coming days. After a fierce court battle with rivals who were fighting to maintain closure. According to Dr. Paul Pinheiro, partial blockades of businesses in the city have also been lifted as Canada condemned the vaccine’s failure, lacked national strategy, and many cities reopened prematurely. , A councilor of the left-wing PSOL party Rio de Janeiro, and a member of the city’s health committee. “What we have today is that each municipality and state is dealing with the crisis in its own way,” Pinheiro told The Daily Beast. “There is no way it works. In a packed hospital in São Paulo, Dr. Vanessa Dinnis sees a constant flow of patients infected with COVID-19. A critical bed in the emergency room where she works. When released, another patient suffering from breathing quickly fills up. “This is by far the worst situation we have experienced,” Dinnis said in one shift to the Daily Beast. Said in. Three Sao Paulo hospitals where she works. “I see the whole family hospitalized for life-saving emergency.” Dinnis is fighting thousands of people at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil, where the crisis has been out of control for the past few weeks. Is one of the medical professionals in Brazil. The virus has killed 341,000 people and has infected more than 13 million Brazilians, and is rapidly becoming the worst outbreak in the world. The country is currently on track to surpass US records with an average weekly death rate (3,285) set in January. According to the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Brazilian infectious diseases were first detected in the city of Manaus in the Amazon earlier this year, and have since been partially due to highly infectious variants that have swept the country in lighting. It exploded. According to experts, this variant, known as P1, may be able to infect and dodge immunity even in people who are already infected with the virus. As COVID-19 infects young Brazilians, the profile of patients rushed to the emergency room is changing, says Dinnis. “Now they are seeing their sons hospitalized and intubated.” The dramatic surge in incidents across Brazil overwhelmed the health care system and destroyed it in some areas. It left the hospital fighting for critical care beds, oxygen supply, and critical care centers. At Sao Paulo Hospital, where Salvador works, patients are seen in all spare corners, including the office and corridors. “We haven’t had a bed to hospitalize people in the last few weeks,” Salvador told The Daily Beast. “While waiting for the ICU’s bed, the patient had to enter an improvisational space, even in serious condition.” The ICU’s capacity is 21 nationwide, including Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Porto Velho. Over 90% in the state capital of. In Brasilia’s Federal District, hospitals have completely exhausted their critical care beds. In Rio de Janeiro, more than 600 people are waiting for ICU care. This is a waiting list that is three times the state’s total capacity. Vitoria, a coastal city in the state of Espirito Santo, describes the hospital where Dr. Joan Ferraz works. I’m having a hard time procuring the medicine I need to intubate my patient. Even with Espirito Santo, which occupies about 93%, it is difficult to get a life-saving emergency bed. Why this coronavirus surge is different from everything else, “it’s so crowded that it’s almost impossible to find a place,” Ferraz said. Interview with The Daily Beast before heading to the overnight shift. “Sometimes there are no beds in the morning. Then in the afternoon the patient leaves the hospital or someone dies. At the hospital where Dinnis works, the number of ICU beds has increased recently, and some of the pressure on the emergency room. However, the hospital in Sao Paulo, which has the highest number of cases, is currently working on a staff shortage, she says, “we are having a hard time covering the hospital shift.” Said. “They are increasing the number of beds, but not the number of health care workers,” said doctors and nurses, who are exhausted. “We are completely exhausted, and without stronger restrictions and vaccines, our expectations of immediate improvement are really diminishing.” In Brazil, vaccination is underdose. I’m lagging behind. After Bolsonaro refused early deals with vaccine makers such as China and India last year, the country has so far struggled to secure enough vaccines to immunize a population of 211 million. .. So far, less than 3% of Brazilians have received both doses. Meanwhile, Salvador says Brazil’s only hope of controlling the crisis is to ultimately impose stricter blockades across the country. We have already reached the limit. There is no more human ability, “he said. “We need a real blockade. We need to stop the virus infection. Without it, things will only get worse in the short term. And we will probably lose more lives.” Daily Read more with Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.