Was Trump’s reply to the rape claim part of his job?

New York (AP) —Federal Appeals Judges made all statements by the U.S. President on Friday as he examined whether former President Donald Trump could be held liable for defamation in response to alleged rape. I asked if it was part of the job.

When Trump and the Department of Justice told the media about the accusations of writer E. Jean Carroll, they said he was acting in a public position, so they made the U.S. government a defendant in her defamation proceedings. I want to exchange it for myself.

This change may sound technical, but it can make a big difference. Federal law makes it difficult for U.S. government officials to sue in job-related proceedings, and laws permitting such proceedings specifically exclude defamation and slander allegations. If the court finds that Trump is acting as a civil servant, it may prevent Carroll from proceeding with the proceedings.

Associate Justice Rejected it Requested in October. The panel of judges at the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday did not give clear instructions on how or when they would rule.

But the judge asked multiple questions about the commander-in-chief’s private and public conduct: is everything the president says related to work? Will that be the case if there is a reporter?

Can a woman say “not my type” as Trump did? Does the president always have to worry about his words, fearing that losing his composure can cross the line of legal liability?

Trump’s lawyer, Alina Haba, made a clear distinction with a “provocative attack on civilians,” saying that was not what he did.

“He was defensive here,” Haba said, after Carroll was released in 2019 with her allegations that Trump raped her in the 1990s. She argued that the claim essentially casts doubt on his suitability for the job.

“When someone says he committed a heinous crime 20 years ago, he has to deal with it,” she said.

However, Carroll’s lawyer states that Trump’s response has gone beyond any task.

“The White House’s job is not a promise of unlimited privilege to brutal someone who was a victim of a previous attack,” lawyer Joshua Matz told the court.

Carol, Former Elle Magazine Advice Columnist, Sued Trump In 2019, he said he slandered her in the 1990s, denying her claim of raping her in a dressing room in a department store in New York City.

Mr. Trump said she was “completely lying” and “not my type”, but said they had never met, a photo of the two and their spouse in 1987. Was rejected as a momentary encounter at a social event.

In the last few months of the Republican President, the Department of Justice Trying to replace him as a defendant For Carol. This division has maintained its position during the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden.

Justice Department lawyer Mark Freeman told the Court of Appeals on Friday that he did not intend to “defend or justify” Trump’s comments by calling them “crude and offensive.”

“I’m here, the president facing this kind of public accusation, which the media is very interested in, is obliged to answer questions from the general public and answer questions from the media. Because I feel it, “Freeman said.

After the hearing, Carroll asked the Court of Appeals to reject what she called a “dangerous strategy” from the government and Trump.

“I never supported Cheong Wa Dae when Donald Trump claimed I was’not his type’and called me a liar,” she said in a statement. truth. “

Her proceedings seek withdrawal and unspecified damages.

The Associated Press generally does not identify people who say they have been sexually assaulted unless they choose to speak their story publicly, as Carroll did.